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TN Classics: Master of Thunder / Legend of Seven Monks

With Sonny Chiba's passing, and apparently Westlake Entertainment's website leading to a domain squatter, I think it's safe to pull this out of licensing hell. It's not a great movie, but it's got Sonny Chiba, Kurata Yasuaki, Kinoshita Ayumi, Haga Yuria, Tsubaki Takayuki, Komatsu Ayaka, Akiyama Rina, and Hasebe Hitomi in it among others.

Rest in peace Sonny Chiba! And you guys, take care of yourselves and each other.

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RIP Sonny Chiba

Saw it here first: https://himitsusentaiblog.tumblr.com/post/659956319827247104/rip-sonny-c...

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002002/

Obviously the man was a legend. Starred in so many famous martial arts movies. Perhaps most notable in the west as Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill. I didn't know he was a founder for JAE though, thanks Himitsu Sentai Blog!

He was on Space Sheriff Shaider. Even we had an encounter with him. He was in Legend of the SEven Monks/Master of Thunder in a cameo role, which also had Kinoshita Ayumi in it

I remember when people used to spread rumors that Chiba Reiko was his daughter lol

Anyway, the guy was a legend and it's sad to lose him

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Super Heroine CharaBen Cooking 11 seeded now

Looks like I forgot to upload the file. It's seeded now. Sorry for the wait!

Cutie Honey the Live pulled, Bonus footage posted

Pulled the actual episodes. Reposted the bonus footage

A) Because I don't know what will be on the actual Blu-ray. This list of files might be adjusted when the Blu-ray comes out.

B) The fool who posted the HD batch didn't bother to add the bonus footage. We worked pretty hard on that stuff and there's some good stuff there. Like some of the making-of stuff is pretty fascinating. Those girls worked really hard on this show.

So if you only downloaded the HD files, please grab the bonus footage too.

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The commercial for 23 was originally a part of the episode itself, but it was clipped out for adding to this batch, so it's a new file:


Update on Hitchbro (Seth Robert Thompson)'s death


Apparently Hitchbro's girlfriend is still suffering as a result of the fire. If you can donate to her to help her recovery, that would mean a lot.


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Kiramager VS Ryusoulger Blu-ray extras

So I received my Blu-ray copy recently. There's some good stuff on it, so be sure to pick up your copy at your nearest Blu-ray distribution center!

I think it's a neat detail that the different Kantoku Minusaur have different heads depending on what genre they're directing. Didn't notice that watching.

Even better, the bonus disc includes the full dances!

We've got the Tame fighting with the Ryusoul brothers during their dance. Shiguru's constant RBF is amazing. Interesting that the period drama version was shorter? Of course the girls were cute.

Best part is that they include the full Yodonna dance. Worst part is someone left a light in the background so it's just shooting beams into your eyes while you watch.

They even included the Muryou MV that they put on YouTube.

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Little bit of forum clean-up (And updates?)

On a personal note, I'm part-time now! Hopefully more time to work on subs?

Forumwise, Super Heroine Cooking and Giga Tokusatsu have their own forums now. Radical! Sadly, it looks like episode 12 will be the last of Heroine Cooking. New Giga series, Dinnovator, has its opening out now. It looks alright!

Para Hero GandD is all translated in QC (all three of them!)

What else am I working on? Hmmm...


Cutie Honey the Live licensed by Discotek


So we'll be pulling our files for it. It sounds like they're doing a good job about it. There isn't even a Blu-ray version in Japan so this is a real first. If people say the translation is good, I might be tempted to pick up a set for myself.


Japanese Commercials for Sunday August 1st released

After a break, let's watch some commercials (including Olympic ones) and discuss these shows!

Saber 44: Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 21: Thread / Wiki

Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver 05 released

What will episode 6 be like? Will it be a porno?

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