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Anyone looking to buy some Rider stuff?

Forum member starofjustice is looking to sell some stuff. Please contact them on the forum if interested:

I'm having to downsize and much as I hate to that means getting rid of most of my toku merch, which haven't been opened.

I have some toys from from Kamen Rider Saber and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid I'm therefore willing to sell to other toku fans who might have a hole in their collections. What I've got is:

Sworddriver belt
Onjuuken Suzune sword
Lamp do Alan Gina book
Tenkuu no Pegasus book
Bremen no Rock Band book
Ex-Aid Iryou Nisshi book
Saiyuu Journey book

Ryuki in Mirror World and Konjikryuu no Agito books (non-DX version, don't play sounds)

Gamer Driver belt (little water damage to box)
JuJu Burger gashat
Taddle Quest gashat
Pac Adventure gashat (Pac-Man gashat)
Hurricane Ninja gashat


Japanese Commercials for Sunday July 18 released

No super hero time next week!

Saber Special: Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 20: Thread / Wiki

Agito 18 discussion thread

Let's take a moment to appreciate Kouno's Columbo antics.

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Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver 02 released

Dear Toei,

I've got a new Sentai in my life and it's so much better than yours. It's made for real adults. Also, face villains are the best.


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Zenkaiger movie discussion thread up

Go to our forum and discuss it! Available for purchase on Blu-ray and DVD now!

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Kiramager the Movie: Bebop Dreams Discussion Thread up

Sorry, would have written this up sooner, but a draining jury duty stole a day from me, and kind of left me unmotivated for a few days. But forget about that, let's talk about this great movie!

As usual, you can buy the Blu-ray! If you get the deluxe edition, you get a little Ryusoulger manga. BTW, if anyone is interested in translating that for us, come talk to me in private

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Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver 01 released

Look, a non-Toei Sentai series

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RIP Community Member Hitch Bro


We believe this is our friend Hitchbro (Seth Robert Thompson) died in that fire. I've e-mailed his e-mail and his friend to double check, but if this is him, this is a terrible lost. He was a good dude, he did some qc for us, and part of the tReading the Path of Heaven podcast where they talked Asian light novels:

It was always a delight when he visited our chat. I think everyone enjoyed his company and are saddened by his loss.

Forum thread

Japanese Cooking Show Episode 04 released

Happy Tanabata Day! We should redo Densha Otoko

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Japanese Commercials for Sunday July 4 released

"Rewrite the story" is sung by the actors for Touma, Rintarou, and Kento

Saber 42 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 18 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Guess we're subbing Wakusaver and Para Heroes?

Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver, a 5 episode web series and a 6th on DVD. (And a porno movie to come?)


Chousoku Para Hero Gandin (Is this name right? The English in the logo is confusing...). A 3 episode series.


New series: Japanese Cooking Show Episode 01

I guess this is our first new series since cancelling Zenkaiger and Saber? Please enjoy Japanese cooking show episode 1!

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