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Kiramager VS Ryusoulger discussion thread

I just saw this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you can buy it August 4th on Blu-ray. If you live in Japan you can stream it, cause they released it early, I guess? Gotta say, kind of disincentivizes people from buying your Blu-ray if you have two different releases, Mr. Toei. I can call you, Mr. Toei, right? While we're here, I have some other thoughts on your more recent series...

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Japanese Commercials for Sunday June 20 released

Where's the rest of the set?

Saber 40: Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 16: Thread / Wiki

Toku Music Project

Our forum member Ashki  is looking for some help with a toku CD project:

I'm looking for other enthusiasts to join me in my quest to create the definitive tokusatsu music archive. If you:

* have albums and can provide high quality scans of the discs and media, and/or provide fresh rips of the tracks (FLAC or 320kbps, I can easily convert the former while editing)
* know of good resources that have high quality rips or have knowledge about rare releases or variants

Forum thread


Pizza sukiyaki

For those of you interested in this food item from Zenkaiger, Luna found the recipe and actually made it:


Netajin 1-3 Complete version released

Apparently I was missing 1-5, and several episodes from series 2. Thanks to rooftopa for pointing this out and Verus for helping to fill gaps in my collection. If you've used the previous batch, please jump on the new one to fill out your collection!

If you haven't seen this series before, Jinnai Tomonori is a comedian and this series is a bunch of his different sketches. Pretty easy, pretty breezy. A fun little pick me up and cut down into very digestible pieces!

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Hawaii Kiku TV to stop airing Japanese content


For you older folks, I'm sure you remember stuff from Kiku TV. I remember my co-worker telling me about watching Kamen Rider when it came to the San Francisco Bay Area. I think they're the ones who brought Japanese dramas to network TV when I was watching them in the early late 1990s/ early 2000s

Sad to hear this happen, but not surprised


Anyone have these missing Netajin files?

Apparently I'm missing them so the batch was also. E-mail me or PM me on the forums, thanks!

  • [T-N]NetaJin2_-_03AlwaysWantedToTryPart1[10A37EEB].avi
  • [T-N]NetaJin2_-_07Alibi[8AF68A26].avi
  • [T-N]NetaJin2_-_09AlwaysWantedToTryPart3[4FFFAABF].avi
  • [T-N]NetaJin2_-_10Proposal[752C73FC].avi


Japanese Commercials for Sunday May 30 released

Your candy or your life!

Saber 37: Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 13: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for Sunday May 23 released

In case you haven't caught the news, we aren't doing Saber or Zenkaiger anymore. But we'll still put out commercials from those shows, so that's what this is

Saber 36 Discussion thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 12 Discussion thread / Wiki

Check out some of the art people have created for our splash page

Smaller groups need any resources?

Do any smaller groups need any resources? We're still grabbing captions every week, and we just got a certain hyper battle DVD. Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested

Cancellation of Saber/Zenkaiger

It brings me no joy to announce that after discussing the situation with my staff, we will no longer be continuing work on either Saber or Zenkaiger. Not even softsubs. Personally, I couldn't continue work on either series if it means worrying that it would paint a target on our members backs. I don't want to mess with people's livelihoods or be responsible for being the one that got them in legal trouble.

So what does this mean for our group? We'll continue subbing as usual, but with series that aren't as contentious. If you like the stuff we sub in general, hopefully we pick stuff you'd also enjoy. Heck, we might even sub future KR or Sentai stuff and release it in some cheeky sneaky fashion in the future. Just not Saber or Zenkaiger for now.

What we will continue to do:

  • Sub the commercials
  • Create discussion threads
  • Update our wikis for the series

We don't want to leave you high and dry, so we'll be plugging other fansub groups that are working on Saber and Zenkaiger. So far, I know that Over-Time is okay with being plugged, I think they're doing Zenkaiger. If your group is comfortable with being plugged here, please let us know. (Only contact me if you're a member of said group, for obvious reasons I want to make sure they want to be plugged on our site.) Also, if you're an international translator for Saber/Zenkaiger, lemme know and I'll happily plug you too.

Thank you to the fans of both series for giving us their support all these years. I hope you understand the situation that we're in and what lead us to the decision that we made. It's just not worth it to me if it lands a friend in prison or kicked out of Japan or something. Hopefully you'll check back and we'll be working on something that will delight you just as much.

Thread for questions or follow-up comments


Shirakura speaks

Someone pointed this out to me:


 “It was like ‘If the pheasant didn't ring, then it wouldn't have been hit’”

Kind of makes you wonder who the pheasant is in this scenario. The fans, the fansubbers, or Toei itself.



Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

Just a discussion thread. No files hosted here. You can buy it on Blu-ray here.

Thread / Wiki

KR Agito 16-17 discussion thread

I was just rewatching these episodes and I have some thoughts. Join us on the forums to discuss them!

16 Thread / Wiki

17 Thread / Wiki


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