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OOO 12 released


Remember GranSazers?

OOO 12 released

Today's word:

Netamu 妬む 【ねたむ】 (v5m) to be jealous, to be envious, (P)
If you know basic kanji, I'm sure you'll notice that netamu is made from woman and stone. Hmmm...

HeartCatch Precure 41 released


Since the series is ending, I'm probably going to just introduce random doujin. This one I just like the drawing of Erika


This one has kind of a funny 4 panel comic and the cover is cute with the depiction of the monsters of the week. Middle pic has the credit/website of the creator as well as a picture of Erika

HC 41 released

The word:

Ai 愛 【あい】 (n,n-suf,vs) love

All you need is ai

If you like this series, why not check out Powerpuff Girls Z? Image from this site

Any code breakers in the crowd?

So for Death Game Park there's a scene where the group have to solve a code on the wall. I was stumped as to how they came to the final solution, but apparently Harry (who provided the DVD source, thanks dude!) has come up with this pretty thoroough explanation for it.

Here it is with the files in a zip format

I'll also dump the images into the forum thread. Thanks again!

Release 2600: Death Game Park

We're proud to release our 2600th release. Considering how many toku actors are in this series, it's pretty fitting. How many of them do you recognize?

Death Game, begin!

Garo 01-18 DVD batch released

If you passed up all the other chances to grab the series before, here's another one. Go get it, it's really good!



Image from this site, apparently it's bear themed. Yay!

Kamen Rider OOO 11 SD released


SD version only for now. HD probably sometime overnight

I don't have anything interesting in my notes this week, so here's a picture hint for the guest of the week: Hint

Picture from this site

Goseiger 25-36 HD batch released

Hope people are scoring great loot on Black Friday. Here's some Goseiger in HD to enjoy

Site/forum updating


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HeartCatch Precure 40 released yesterday

No picNo picNo pic

Last three pages for this doujin. It includes a url in the first pic, maybe check out their other stuff?

HC 40 released yesterday

The word:

Ninki 任期 【にんき】 (n) term of office, (P)

Just wanted to note this as sounding the same as ninki/popularity

Thanksgiving release: Garo TV (and other Garo stuff) released


Shiroma Keiko was the Horror that first appears in Beast of the White Night. Garo TV is related to this... somehow

So at last we release Garo TV. The audio timing for this special was finished March 2008, but it wasn't really worked on till we did the DVD version of the TV series. Also, there's almost 400 lines of text in this special? What is it exactly? Just watch it and find out.

There's also the music video for the second ending, the trailer for Red Requiem, and some stuff from the original Beast of the White Night that was left out when they combined it into one special

Garo TV and other stuff


Fan movie: Gun Caliber

Someone sent me this clip, so I thought I'd pass it on. Maybe it'll be fun:


Kanon 7 released

Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker on sale


On sale at PSN for $20. If you haven't checked out this awesome game, do it!


Goseiger 39 released

Internet Censorship

This topic was brought up in the channel a few days ago and it might be worth noting as it concerns us. But try to keep a cool head and not just get outraged about stuff. Focus on what you can do

US tries to censor the Internet


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