HeartCatch Precure 44 released


Doujin one. This one by Zooya. I didn't read the whole thing, just grabbed a few pages that seemed funny


Doujin two. Seems like these were both made by Zooya. I don't really read doujin except to do these mini previews for the front page. No time, wish I had more time since some of these look pretty interesting

HC 22 released

The word:
Amaenbou 甘えん坊 【あまえんぼう】 (adj-na,n) pampered or spoiled child (spoilt)
Combined from Amai/indulgent/soft on/overly optimistic/naive and bou//monk/boy

Merry Christmas!


Goseiger 44 released

Goseiger 44

The Word:
Katou 下等 【かとう】 (adj-na,n) inferior, base, vulgar, low grade, lower class, (P)
The down kanji with the kanji for class. Notice the tou kanji is made of the bamboo radical over the temple radical

Garo Batch 2 released

Last batch till the movie. If you didn't grab Garo TV, go get it. New footage and all that


Pantsu for tomorrow!

When I was young, I had cool Transformers underwear. Sadly I outgrew them and they eventually got all ragged and thrown away, but I still remember them

Anyway, do you have cool pictures of underwear (or any other clothing really) that has cool cartoon, video game, or tokusatsu characters on them? Then share them in this thread

Let's try to make Eiji proud of us

It's Wed and OOO 15 is released


OOO 15 released

The word:
Yamawake 山分け 【やまわけ】 (n,vs) equal split
If you know any kanji, you can see the kanji that goes into this means to "split the mountain". Apparently splitting mountains come out evenly in Japan, who knew?

W Delusion 10 released


W Delusion 10 released

Just to whet your appetite while we work on stuff like the Net movies and Imagin Aniime 3 and stuff

Easing up on the Spoiler Policy

Stop, drop, roll

We're easing up on our spoiler policy, read this thread for more details. Obviously you'll still get banned for egregiously ignoring our rules, so remember it's your job as posters to post within our rules guideline


Goseiger 43 released

Shinken Vs Gosei

Gosei 43

The word:
Yakusai 厄災 【やくさい】 (n) calamity, disaster, accident I like how the second part has fire and a bunch of those thingies on the top of it. Looks like it's a problem. I wonder what that weird curly tail thing is in the first kanji. It's also in the kanji for crime too 犯

Got free bandwidth? How about helping to seed your favorite shows so that other fans can enjoy them

HeartCatch Precure 43 and bonus released

What a great mashup


Episode 43

Kudou Mayu Music Videos HeartCatch Paradise, Tomorrow Song, Precure All Stars Parts 1-3, and something I found on youtube

The word:
Shintoumekkyaku 心頭滅却 【しんとうめっきゃく】 (n) clearing one's mind of all mundane thoughts
First two kanji are heart and head. The second two together mean to extinguish

OOO 14 released

Bonus pic

Yes, everything Ankh does is product placement

OOO 14 released

The word:
Shinpaku 心拍 【しんぱく】 (n) heart rate
Shin/heart is a great kanji to know, but do you recognize the white radical in paku? If you know the radicals, sometimes you can guess the sound, like haku/paku comes from the kanji for white. You'll see a lot of the kanji attributed to haku will have the kanji for white in them since it's the main one

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Kingdom of Loathing Crimbo event part 2!

Image courtesy of Kingdom of Loathing

So a bunch of people joined in the last week (14 to be exact) which is cool since we normally get zero (Even if they do apply, I never see their application till after they quit the game).

So the second part of the Crimbo content is out. The Elf Alley thing was too high level for most people to survive the sewers, but this part should be okay for all levels. I guess our new goal is to get a clan Deluxe Fax Machine from the gift shop to install in our VIP room (you need a VIP key to even see this room). If people can help with that, we'd greatly appreciate it!

I'm also going to include a link to the forum thread for it. Feel free to use it to talk about the gam. See if you can beat the quests without spoilers

Forum thread

And of course, if you join the game, our clan is TV-Nihon, so please apply there and pm me when you do


Goseiger 42 released

Buredoran welcomes you to Goseiger

Goseiger 42 released

The word
Kyuushiki 旧式 【きゅうしき】 (adj-na,n) old type, old style, (P)

Death Park Game code

Here's another explanation of the code thing, this one sent in by Windruler. Thanks!


OOO 13 released

OOO 13

The word:
Shittou 執刀 【しっとう】 (n,vs) performing a surgical operation
Using the kanji for taking and the kanji for a blade. If you remember Shinkenger, then Shippitsu should make sense: 執筆 【しっぴつ】 (n) writing, (P) since pitsu means brush. See a pattern?


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