Cutie Honey

Cutie Honey the Live pulled, Bonus footage posted

Pulled the actual episodes. Reposted the bonus footage

A) Because I don't know what will be on the actual Blu-ray. This list of files might be adjusted when the Blu-ray comes out.

B) The fool who posted the HD batch didn't bother to add the bonus footage. We worked pretty hard on that stuff and there's some good stuff there. Like some of the making-of stuff is pretty fascinating. Those girls worked really hard on this show.

So if you only downloaded the HD files, please grab the bonus footage too.

Thread / Wiki

The commercial for 23 was originally a part of the episode itself, but it was clipped out for adding to this batch, so it's a new file:


New polls! MegaRanger, Cutie Honey, Akazukin, 555


Master Poll

Poll will run for 2ish weeks or until I remember to check it.

Surprised we hadn't done 555 yet. That one should be great.

Oh, and if you made it this far, we've got MegaRanger VS CarRanger in qc now. So Mega's not over yet! Not yet, Snake!

Cutie Honey Splashes

Originally posted by Az

Bauffie Splashes:

Bauff splash Bauff splash

Lunagel Splashes:

Luna Splash Luna Splash  Luna Splash

Cutie Honey 10-17 HD released

More Cutie Honey in HD!

Picture from here

Comment on the news post here

I'm thinking about doing a question and answer thing for the staff that'll be posted on the front page blog. If you have any questions, e-mail them in and I'll compile them, maybe add them to the FAQ.

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