Garo Equip and Prop 4 toy problem

Does anyone else own a Garo Equip & Prop 4 with Gouten?

I just got negative feedback from someone I sold it to because he found one of the legs was broken. So I opened up my personal copy and one of my legs is broken too, but for a different joint.

Is there a manufacturing issue with this line of toy or something? Reach out to me and let me know if you've had this issue.



Cocoro Scanner, a Japanese toy that shows your mental state (Video is in Japanese)

When the light is green that's normal, yellow is bewilderment, and red is agitated.

I don't know how real this video is, but there's an old man married to a much younger woman. A lady who asks her boyfriend about getting married. They have a monk read a nude magazine. There's a transvestite. A lot of it seems set up, but it'd be interesting if these were actual random people.



You're going to a Rider War, what item do you bring?

Saw this on tumblr and couldn't resist reblogging it here. I'm amazed he got that all in one shot. Check out the guy's page:


Sentai toy release charts 2008-2013



Found these on 2chan. It's nice that someone put these together

Ooebi Reviews the TimeRanger Mechas

Wow, that toy is pretty sweet. I had no idea it had room for the pilots and it just looks really good when put together.

I always love this guy's reviews.

Don't forget to click the bottom link since other formations are on separate pages.

Disney Super Robot

I'm sure you've seen this at Kotaku and other news site, but Todd Sovich e-mailed me this story. Just in case you missed it, the Chogokin toyline is creating a Disney themed mecha called Chou Gattai King Robo. Mickey and Friends is in the subtitle of the logo.

"We’ve come a long way from Steamboat Willie. Apparently Disney and toy-maker Bandai are working together on a Voltron-like toy robot called King Robo, and according to the storyline, Mickey Mouse and his friends supposedly pilot the robot. The toy, part of the Bandai’s Chogokin line, will be released March 2013, and unlike most Disney toys, it will be aimed at ages 15 and up. If successful, the property could spawn an anime series."

I like the names of the individual robos:

  • Ace Willie (After Steamboat Willie)
  • Dive Donald
  • Aqua Daisy
  • Jet Mickey
  • Sky Minnie
  • Land Goofy
  • Dash Pluto and Doghouse

Seems like they had Goseigers in mind when they came up with the naming. Anyway, click pic to make big. It looks pretty awesome. If they turn it into an anime series, I don't know if I'd watch it, but I certainly love the idea of it. After all, what has Disney been doing with these characters lately? It'd be nice to see nostalgic characters like this revived in a crazy Sentai-themed way.


Share your links to buy toys here

So someone sent me an e-mail asking for toy site recommendations, and honestly, I haven't gotten any in the last few years. But you guys probably have, so I'll let you guys make the recommendations in my stead.

What toy sites do you guys recommend?


More about the Blade Card Set

Just my guess, but I think all the toys will be show accurate. You can tell the difference by the barcode on the left. The card is smaller to fit in the toys, and has an actual barcode, plus the description is written in Japanese instead of English and a fake language. (I think the toy version also could be used in some kind of card game, hence the level and element things in the corners). All the cards that I've seen on the toy page look like show-accurate cards.

Some men may ask, "Why 173 cards? Why not 52 cards?" That's a good question. I honestly don't know. It says there will be 135 normal cards, 25 holo cards, and 13 gold cards (probably the King Spade set?). Even with the extra cards (the wild cards, special Ace of Clubs card, 4 Proper Blanks, 14, etc.) that's only about 20 or so other cards.

Reading the description, it says all 135 types will be included. So maybe it's all the cards wild version and with proper suit symbols? It says the size will be 112mmx77mm or 130% the size of a normal Carddass card, so it doesn't sound like there will be different size versions.

*Oh, at the bottom it says that these cards definitely don't work with the toys. At least that's blatent.

And it says "The holo cards will be A/J/Q/K etc." Again, no idea what the "etc." would be.

Product description page:

Order page:

You'll need to live in Japan or know a go-between to order these, by the way. It's 8400 yen so about 108 dollars. Also, was the deadline push back to January 17th?

Discussion Thread

Kamen Rider Blade card set out next March

Hey, if any of you are looking to get me a Christmas present, Carddass is putting out a Blade Rouse Card collection. More info here:

What are you doing there, Principal Hayami?

Deadline is end of the year, so if you want to pick one up, you better hurry.


Otaku dens

I'm not a stalker. I'm just curious!

So what are your rooms like?

We were sharing in the channel and I thought it'd be fun to see what other people's rooms are like. It's pretty hard to compete with Luna's, since girls are good at organizing things, but maybe some of you have neat rooms full of treasures for us to see. So please share.


Plug: Toy review site

I don't know why I've never done this before, but you should see the toy review blog that Kamen Rider Zeta keeps:

The pictures are pretty high quality, so you get a pretty good idea of the quality of the figures. He reviews Kamen Rider, Transformers, Ultramen, some furry guy who looks like a yellow bear, and other stuff.

Looks like he regularly updates via this thread. While you're at it, why don't you share some of your toys with us too?



Transformer Model Kits

Does anyone remember in the 80s, there were these Chinese model kits (you could buy them in Chinatown)

They were basically a kit where you put together a Transformer (I assume these were bootleged from the actual model). Plus it came with a stick of delicious orange gum

If anyone has any idea on what this toy series was called or where I can just look at pictures of the boxes or completed models of them, please let me know in this thread

Shinkenger Toy Commercials and... Kanon promos

Who likes toys? We like toys. I guess you can also talk about the movie promos here too

New series Daimajin Kanon So this is going to be a joint project between us and Skewed Studios. It's a toku show with some really great music and a more adult feel. Hopefully this will turn out to be really great

Promo released

Comment on the news post here I'm thinking about doing a question and answer thing for the staff that'll be posted on the front page blog. If you have any questions, e-mail them in and I'll compile them, maybe add them to the FAQ.

DX Belt Extension

As a fan of #TV-Nihon, I'm sure you love toys (especially Kamen Rider toys). I'm also sure that a lot of you are adults and are too big to wear the DX Henshin belts. Well, good news, Bandai sells an extension...

But... you can't buy it from HLJ. Let's see if we can convince them to carry it by writing to them suggesting that they pick it up:

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