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Gokai 5 HD vers 3 released

Scratch that, the audio is missing the delay. Get ready for version four ze!

Clipped off the audio from 6-8 and reallocated it to video. Hurray!

But all seriousness, you probably won't notice any difference in video quality. This release is mostly for people who haven't downloaded version 2 yet and people who want to archive the best quality version possible.

Gokai 23 HD released


HD version of the ending http://www.multiupload.com/CQMVREU1X9

If someone can make me a torrent with these two files for the tracker, I'd appreciate it. Just e-mail it to me.

Gokaiger 23 SD released





It's little sister appreciation week on Gokaiger!

We've also got the first ending and the Dice-O DX promo out.


Jintsuu 陣痛 【じんつう】 (n) labour (birth) pains, labor pains, (P)
While you'll hear tsuu often when someone says words related to pain, I wanted to point out the jin here. Jin means "battle position" or "military camp". It's really weird to think of how this combined with the word for pain produces "labor pains".

Also, listen for "zutsuu" 頭痛 when you watch ZyuRanger. It means "headache". Isn't that funny?

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Gokaiger 22 SD recalled

Looks like there's some minor effects that got messed up between QC and final encode.

Edit: Just some gosei effects were borked and some minor phrasing stuff were changed. Nothing major. New SD should be up in a couple of hours.

Gokaiger 22 SD and creditless opening released

I know it's not a Luka episode, but I didn't have any other pics.

Gokaiger 22 released

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The word: Shouwakusei 小惑星 【しょうわくせい】 (n) asteroid, (P)
Literally means "small planet" or the more correct term "minor planet".

Gokaiger 19 SD released


Check out the awesome bonus that Petrkr made (after the episode)

Funyafunya ふにゃふにゃ (adj-na,adv,n,vs) soft, limp

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Trivia: Did you know that italicized words are used to represent either thoughts or not in-person words as well as foreign words?

Also, the picture at the front of our videos is called a splash screen.

Gokaiger 18 HD released

JustwhatLuka looking at

Helllooo ladies
Hmmm, just what is Luka looking at? She doesn't look into the camera in any of the shots.

Toku Comics (and fanart)

So I've fallen behind on doing translations for the comics. I just did them in a batch and dropped them in this thread here:

Toku comics thread


I also found this last night. I guess it's better than before, but the problem of them looking indistinguishable from each other still kind of exists. Den-O and Faiz/Ryuki look exactly the same. And I thought Kiva was Agito for a bit. And do you remember how OOO is all green in his base form?

I know these complaints are silly and nitpicky since it's just Kamen Rider Girls, but if your whole deal is being based on something people like and it's ignored, then the whole point of the thing is ruiined. It's sort of the logic that goes into half-hearted movies based on things people like, like video game movies. Too many spinoffs try to succeed based on name or brand recognition instead of capturing what it is that people like about the original thing.


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