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HeartCatch Precure Splashes wanted

I could use some splashes for HeartCatch Precure. The resolution needs to be 1280x720. E-mail submissions to the link at the top. Thanks!


More banners for our forum?

I don't suppose anyone would want to make more banners for our forums? We could use banners for the following series:


Death Game Park

Kamen Rider W and OOO


A lot of the banners are 477x88, although the length isn't as important as the width. To submit, just e-mail them to me or upload them somewhere and send me a link through a forum PM

#TV-Nihon Dance Contest



Have you ever watched a special effects show and wished that you too can do those moves? Well now you can, plus display it on the Net for the amusement of others

This is the Dance Contest submission thread. Record a video of yourself doing a dance from your favorite toku or anime and submit it here. You've got plenty of choices from Sentai (Aba to Magi, GekiRanger to Go-Onger, and Goseiger), Rescue Fire, Anime (HeartCatch Precure, Zoids Genesis), or even the Keitaihen dance from the Keitai Sousakan 7 music video. (Lemme know if I miss any obvious choices)

We've even got dance aides. Here's a thing to teach you the Rescue Fire ending song dance:
http://www.tv-aichi.co.jp/rescue-fire/s ... aisou.html

Or you can download the HeartCatch Dance Lesson:
http://tracker.tvnihon.com/torrents-det ... 1523&hit=1

To submit the video, put it up on Youtube, http://blip.tv/, or whatever you like then post the link here. You can use costumes, grab a friend to dance with you, even submit an animated video if that's your fancy. There's really no rules on what's acceptable

Deadline: August 31st

After that we'll vote on the videos to decide a winner. The top three winners can get a credit in the active series of their choice (it's really more about having fun with the contest)

That said, let's try not to be total douchebags when people submit their videos. Try to keep the criticisms reasonable and not obviously rude

Dance Contest Submission Thread


HeartCatch Precure 16 released. One door closes, another opens

HeartCatch 16 released

So this is the last HeartCatch that'll be done by the Magenta and Lobster members. Because they're leaving to do their Precure on their own, the timing, translation, and typesetting will be done by other members

For people who don't know me, I'm takenoko and I'll be doing the translation. I was previously on the show as QC, so I'm pretty familiar with the show. I've translated for the live Sailor Moon show, Fairy Musketeer Akazukin, and Powerpuff Girls Z, and am a fan of shoujo in general (I've bought the HeartCatch CD and a couple of the DVDs). In any case, the show is in good hands with people who care about it. There won't be any month breaks on my watch

Some changes to expect:

-Different typesetting and karaoke of course

-SD will now be in Xvid encoding and 704x396 resolution, HD will still be 264

-HeartCatch will now be weekly. One of the reasons for the split was I wanted this series done weekly, so it'll probably released along with Kamen Rider W and Goseiger from here on once we're caught up

So far I've got up to 21 in QC. Just need to translate 22 and 23 and we'll be caught up for this week. Things will be different, but I think it'll be okay. Maybe some things will be even better, who knows?

Yes Precure will not be continued by this group. But Magenta says he plans to continue on with it, so don't give up hope on it yet. He's also staying on to continue the Rockman/Megaman anime. So that will proceed as scheduled

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Manga History in the Making?


So what's going on with the manga industry lately? DC shut down their CMX division, Go! Comi disappeared, plus Viz recently did some layoffs.

Now in the last few weeks Mangatoshokan and Onemanga are pulling their scanalations

What do you think is going on?

Toku comics

As some people may have noticed, I'm trying to do a translation of that toku comic and sticking them into the release threads. I'm going to try to go through and maybe do one a day or something


Here's the one he did for Shinkenger Returns


KRW 42 released


"9.8 Seconds, that was the time until your despair!"

KRW 42 released
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Status of Precure in TV-Nihon

So unfortunately, some of the staff is breaking off due to disagreements. Yes Precure is cancelled for TV-Nihon. Heartcatch will be continued, but by different staff. Rockman will continue on schedule

Super Mario Brothers 3 Japanese?

Swordhero posted a really interesting link describing the changes in Super Mario Brothers 3 from the Japanese to English version. Take a look:


Goseiger 1-18 SD batch released

If you missed it the first time, you can grab it all here

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KRW 41 released


I don't really like this form, but this is one cool picture. Good job!

W 41 thread (Includes comic)

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GamerCenter CX 10 released

And season 2 ends on episode 10. Don't worry, you won't be waiting six months for the next one

This picture reminds me of this          Brawl in the Family comic

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KR W 39 HD released

Shinkenger Returns again


Pretend that this was the picture I used for yesterday's release

Triple release!

See the dancing crazy man teach you to not pirate movies. Check it out, there's a whole page of ascii art like this

                  "The slow mo is really creepy" -QC

Delusion 4. What wacky thing will Shoutarou come up with this time?

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So what's going on with Goseiger HD?

So next week we'll probably batch up the Goseiger SD episodes. What about the HD's? We've got them encoded, but we're missing episodes here and there. So it's pretty much going to be a "Take what you can get" deal. Of course, we'll keep looking and try to fill in the gaps, but no promises. It has been almost half a year since the first episodes aired

In other news, I'm always amazed by how popular Sailor Moon is still. A batch release with a dozen downloaders is good to me. Yesterday we had over 100 on that batch. Pretty amazing. We should do those again on DVD or something someday

I'll repeat the Goseiger news when we start releasing the batches. Oh people and their ability to read and comprehend things


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