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Kamen Rider Thouser: The President released

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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Himitsu Zenkai Files 01-03 released

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KR Saber 31 released

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Zenkaiger 07 released

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Kamen Rider series on Google Drive

If Bittorrent isn't something you can use, check out the Kamen Rider series that The M has been generously been uploading to Google Drive.


Zenkaiger Spin-Off: ZenkaiRed 01-02 released

Sorry this took a while! I think doing two episodes a week has been making me tired lately

01: Thread / Wiki

02: Thread / Wiki

April Fool's Batch released

You requested, so here it is. A single batch of all our previous April Fool's subs!


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Zenkaiger 04 v2 released

Before we release 5, here's a v2 of episode 4! Looks like I encoded it, but forgot to release it. Sorry!

Does anyone have the Abaranger April Fool's video?


You've guessed it, I'm making a batch of our April Fools videos. Does anyone have the Abaranger one we did?

Kamen Rider Amazons Seasons 1-2 getting pulled again

>Apparently season 1 is still up on Amazon Prime?

Huh weird. Wonder if that message was originally created in error or if something to renewed last minute. Either way, guess we're pulling the season 1-2 Amazons torrent. Sorry guys!


KR Amazons Season 1-2 and movie HD1080 Blu-ray back up

With Amazon pulling Amazons on March 31st, here's Seasons 1-2, the movie, and bonuses. Blu-ray source

Season 1 wiki

Season 2 wiki

Movie wiki

KR Saber 28 released


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