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Garo Splashes?

In honor of the movie coming out this fall, we're redoing Garo from the DVDs. Does anyone want to make some splashes for us? Format should be 640x480. Should say "#TV-Nihon" and your name if you want credit on the picture. Just send them to me by e-mail when it's done. Thanks


Release 2500: Dogu-chan 1

Dogu-chan 1 released, guest starring that guest star from W and the boy from Keitai

It's always kind of hard to choose the anniversary project. It usually ends up being the project chooses itself based on what we're already working on. Anyway, W 48 will be out soon, so keep your eye on that

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Dance contest ends next Tuesday!

DaiRanger 28 released

What is Release 2500?!

There's nothing the Internet seems to like better than pointless speculation. Can you guess what Release 2500 is?!


And on an off topic note, I just wanted to plug one of my favorite video game podcasts that's ending. The Idle Thumbs podcast is a funny and insightful podcast featuring individuals who work in the gaming industry. They're hilariously funny, often zany, and frequently insightful. They have this fantastic ability to tell stories that emerge from the games they play. Check them out if you get a chance and join with the many fans who are sad to see them go


DaiRanger 27 released

Look who visited the last Rescue Fire live show. It's the original R1 himself (and Ryou's actor). That expression he has in the first pic is priceless, what a cool dude even now

DaiRanger 27 released

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Dance contest ends in six days!

Have you ever wondered what are TN's active projects? Wonder no more, we have an active project forum section devoted to what we ostensibly will get to sooner or (more likely) later. Unless we outright cancel it or it was pulled because it was licensed, we probably still have every intention of continuing with it.

Stoicism in Kamen Rider villains and a call for staff

Does it look like I'm laughing?

Interesting discussion fodder

Also, I think it's time to call for more QCers. We could probably use more karaoke people too, but QC is what I think we could use the most help with right now. What I'm looking for is someone who's got the time to regularly look over our stuff, is observant enough to notice mistakes, can follow instructions, and good enough at communicating to convey what those mistakes are. I'm also looking for someone who has at least some forum presence, so if you think this fits you, please send me a PM through the forum to apply. Thanks!

Tensou Sentai Goseiger 13-18 HD released

Remember that we're only able to put out some of them in HD because we're missing raws for the rest. Sorry, it's this or no HD releases :(

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Don't forget about the dance contest!

HeartCatch 27 released

Takes a while to get to the punchline, so you guys get three this time. Enjoy!

HeartCatch 27 released

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