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HeartCatch 23 released

HeartCatch 23 released. If you follow this show, this is the episode to watch

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I notice we're not getting many downloads, so I'll try to talk up the series for new people. Ostensibly, this is a shoujo anime, but a lot of dudes watch shoujo anime if the circumstances are right. See Sailor Moon as an example

In addition to loads of cuteness and darling mascots as well as silly day-to-day life circumstances, we also get strong heroines who get in physical brawls with the monster of the week. Like it's not coincidence that people who watch Kamen Rider also like Precure, the show airs right afterwards if you've noticed. Anecdotally, I joked about combining the Super Hero block of Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Precure into a single file to force people to check out all the series

The characters are genuinely likable. Marine's manic nature is a good match for Blossom's shy, earnest girl. Then we have somber, tragic Moonlight. There's also a good firm cast of reoccuring support characters which help to really define the world. The villains are fun to watch too. Dark Precure is moody and mysterious, the three commanders are stereotypes of extreme manliness, metrosexual, and hysterical woman

Overall the stories are pretty earnest. There's usually a message, but it rarely feels heavy-handed or condescending. It's pretty good at sucking you into caring about the week to week conflicts, plus there's long-term conflicts that are ongoing which are interesting

And if that's not enough, the girls are really cute too


HeartCatch Precure 17 and CM released



I really like 4 panel comics, so here's two pages from this manga. I'll probably do more soon

HC 17 and CM released

So we released the Xvid SD version. The HD version will be coming later. I know we're releasing so late that it's kind of past the point of relevance, but the staff's been working hard to fill the 6 week gap that Magenta's group left us when they departed. The rest of the episodes are pretty much in distro and or final QC stage plus this week's episode (25) entered QC earlier today, so things are looking better for this project

People will probably notice that things are going to be different from before, it'll probably be closer to the stuff you see from our toku subs like Rescue Fire and such. In-episode translator notes and everything has a more Japanese feel to it. I'm sorry to people who enjoyed the previous style, but we worked really hard to catch up, so please check out the new direction. I'm hoping people will like the new effects that we use

I'm also going to do some bonus stuff. Like I included a commercial in this episode. I've been wanting to add bonus content to this series for a while, but it was shot down previously. So let us know what you think. If people don't like it, I can cut it back or release them separately. Or we'll do more if people enjoy them

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iRider made some cool pics like this. Check them out

KRW 43 released


We want to wish a happy birthday to Cheetah the typesetter for W and Decade

KRW 43 released

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Couple of site news stuff:

Last night I was interviewed about fansubbing. You can read the          chat log here

Don't forget about the dance contest. Submit your entries!

Transformer Model Kits

Does anyone remember in the 80s, there were these Chinese model kits (you could buy them in Chinatown)

They were basically a kit where you put together a Transformer (I assume these were bootleged from the actual model). Plus it came with a stick of delicious orange gum

If anyone has any idea on what this toy series was called or where I can just look at pictures of the boxes or completed models of them, please let me know in this thread

Goseiger 22 and CM2 released

TV-Nihon Banners

Thanks to people for their quick responses to this. I already added several new banners to the rotation.

One thing I want to point out is that the height has to be 88 pixels

Don't forget about the dance contest. If you want to ask if "so and so dance is acceptable" the answer is probably "yes"

HeartCatch Precure Splashes wanted

I could use some splashes for HeartCatch Precure. The resolution needs to be 1280x720. E-mail submissions to the link at the top. Thanks!


More banners for our forum?

I don't suppose anyone would want to make more banners for our forums? We could use banners for the following series:


Death Game Park

Kamen Rider W and OOO


A lot of the banners are 477x88, although the length isn't as important as the width. To submit, just e-mail them to me or upload them somewhere and send me a link through a forum PM

#TV-Nihon Dance Contest



Have you ever watched a special effects show and wished that you too can do those moves? Well now you can, plus display it on the Net for the amusement of others

This is the Dance Contest submission thread. Record a video of yourself doing a dance from your favorite toku or anime and submit it here. You've got plenty of choices from Sentai (Aba to Magi, GekiRanger to Go-Onger, and Goseiger), Rescue Fire, Anime (HeartCatch Precure, Zoids Genesis), or even the Keitaihen dance from the Keitai Sousakan 7 music video. (Lemme know if I miss any obvious choices)

We've even got dance aides. Here's a thing to teach you the Rescue Fire ending song dance:
http://www.tv-aichi.co.jp/rescue-fire/s ... aisou.html

Or you can download the HeartCatch Dance Lesson:
http://tracker.tvnihon.com/torrents-det ... 1523&hit=1

To submit the video, put it up on Youtube, http://blip.tv/, or whatever you like then post the link here. You can use costumes, grab a friend to dance with you, even submit an animated video if that's your fancy. There's really no rules on what's acceptable

Deadline: August 31st

After that we'll vote on the videos to decide a winner. The top three winners can get a credit in the active series of their choice (it's really more about having fun with the contest)

That said, let's try not to be total douchebags when people submit their videos. Try to keep the criticisms reasonable and not obviously rude

Dance Contest Submission Thread



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