Shin Ultraman soft sub released

So trying something a little different this time. I really liked the film and thought the captions were pretty good for the most part. But I did notice some timing errors and a typo during the viewing. So I thought I'd download the subtitles from an anonymous source, retime the script, polish up the translations, and set it up in the TV-Nihon house style. If you want to check out our subs, the link's below. You'll have to find the raw video on your own though, since the movie is licensed in America I think.

I think the easiest way to play a soft sub is to just rename the subtitles to match the video file name. I tend to play it in MPC-HC, but I'm sure there's other video players that work just as well or better.

Caption Download Link

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Japanese Commercials for January 22nd released

Keiwa heard it was the year of the rabbit!

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SWAT On DekaRanger live and Psychic Lover talk

A little something different today. We've got a clip from the Psychic Lover digest on YouTube. Guess what the topic is


Japanese Commercials for January 15th released

Why does this look like a photo from 20 years ago?

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Nostalgia Ranger/Rider toy discussion thread

Pretty fun thread since I don't always pay attention to the merch. Check out HowlingSnail's review in particular

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Watch out for suspiciously cheaper Gunpla and Rider Belts in the Bay Area

<|discord|> <Lunagel>
<|discord|> <Lunagel> Apparently the thieves stole Rider belts as well, so can we put out a front page bulletin warning people to be cautious of first-party sellers in the Bay area?

The Ryuki thing is seeded now

It'd help to point it at the right directory

Geats 17 v2

Because of nepo babies


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