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Japanese Commercials for Sunday July 31st released

Was distracted yesterday watching Paper Girls. Good show if you like teens dealing with weird sci-fi stuff

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Our Japanese commercial YouTube was hit with a copyright strike


For Rescue Force commercials of all things. Sorry, those CM's aren't available anymore. Weird timing right?


Anyone want to help time Prism Three?

Thinking about working on this as a side project. The video is about 19 minutes long and I can provide a srt file as a base. Just need it cleaned up and the grunts and music lines removed. Message me over the forums if you're interested.

No commercials this week

Yeah sad. Working out the kinks of the new computer. At least we can still discuss the episodes

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Thanks to everyone who donated!

Really appreciate you guys! This was never really going to break the bank for us, but it's just the suddenness and the urgency that made this a real thorn in my side last weekend. (Really had plans for other things than to scramble for recovery/restoration/back up stuff, y'know).

But the donations helped pay for a new motherboard, a new SSD to make the encoding process go faster (hopefully), and some device to make the old harddrives work again. Unfortunately, the harddrive with the operating system died, but luckily the bigger drive which had archived all the stuff we've recorded, encoded, scripts we've made, etc, is still intact.

Anyway, been a busy week, but I swear I'll send out individual thanks to the people who donated. Just wanted to write this one out first. Appreciate you guys for sticking with us!

Some good news!

It looks like we were able to recover one of the harddrives! It's got everything we've worked on it, so that's a pretty big deal. Definitely needed that little win today.

Had to take down the Don 19 post and redo it

So there's a v2 for it now. Try and spot the difference!

Donation button fixed

Looks like it works!

Toei's henchmen finally got us

Not really, but our capper computer of almost seven years has finally died. It's the computer that we did all our work on, which did so much encoding for us over the years. We think it might have overheated, somehow destroying the motherboard and the two drives in it (devastating).

We know these are difficult times and there are probably better causes out there right now, but if you could throw a few bucks our way, we'd really appreciate it. We're scrambling to rebuild the capper so we don't know what the final cost will be since we're not sure which parts are salvageable. Thanks to those of you who can donate, and we appreciate those of you who are still watching.

Edit: I've been informed that our donation button is broken. If you're interested in donating in the mean time, feel free to e-mail me.


Japanese Commercials for Sunday June 5th released

Commercial pack includes a junction and a short OniTaijin clip!

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I had an AI generated an image for "Kamen Rider Kiss"

This was using the DALL·E mini.

I like that the middle one is the Spider-man kiss. The upper right looks like Ryuki and Knight. The upper left looks like Zero-One. It's just interesting in general what an AI thinks a proper Kamen Rider looks like

Discussion Thread

Does anyone want to time for us?

We could definitely use another timer. The job entails timing either a blank script or a script of captions to prep it for being filled in with a translation later. Knowing Japanese helps, but it's not required. If you're interested, pm me at takenoko on the forums.


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