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Donation goal met!

We met our server donation goal last night! Thank you to everyone who donated! We really wouldn't be anywhere without community involvement.

That said, we're just going to leave the donate button up year round now, in case people want to leave tips. Donations receied during these times will be used to cover material costs (buying DVDs, paying for streaming services, etc.). So no obligation to donate from here on, just leave a tip if you like what we're doing. Thanks everyone!


More Garo stuff!

Turns out I'm a dummy and had more Garo stuff to release for the anniversary! So sorry if you guys already downloaded the making-of, just move it to the right folder and it'll auto complete. So this batch includes: Gekkou Making-Of, Raiga Promo, Konishi and Nakayama Messages. Jinga Blu-ray promo. Gold Storm Shou Mask. Hijii Mika teaches English

So happy belated 15th birthday Garo! And happy 18th to us!

More stuff Thread

Gekkou no Tabibito Making-Of Thread

Gekkou no Tabibito Wiki


AkibaRanger Radio, does anyone want to translate it?

I guess we did episodes 1 and 2 back in the day. Does anyone want to do episodes 3-10? If you're interested or knows someone who is, let me know!

18th Anniversary release: KR Zero-One Anime Everyone's Daily Life 04 released

As we finish the last Zero-One thing (for a while at least), let's all remember on this day of celebration to back up our shit

Thread / Wiki

18th Anniversary release: Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito- Making-Of DVD

Just so you know, some of the audio makes it too hard to figure out what some of the lines are. We did our best, but apologies for that anyway.

Thread / Wiki

18th Anniversary: Music Video releases

Have to admit, been sitting on these a while, but they're released now! Happy birthday to us!


KR Girls Wiki

KR Kuuga Wiki

Edit: The Kuuga music video was supposed to have a splash image preceding it. Credit to decade368990  for making it:

#TV-Nihon is 18 and here's Decade Net Movie v2!

We're 18 and now #TV-Nihon can legally smoke and buy lotto tickets, I guess?

To celebrate, here's a v2 for the Decade net movies. We've fixed the interlacing and put it through qc to get rid of past mistakes in the translation. Check back throughout the day, we'll have more to release!

Thread / Wiki


#TV-Nihon turns 18 on October 22nd!

Yes, our little fansub group can now vote. Just in time!

Hopefully we'll have some cool bonus subs to download that day! Stay tuned!

KR Saber 07 released!

Wait, is her script color coded to her character's outfit?

Thread / Wiki

Donation drive and 18th Anniversary October 23rd

It's anniversary season. That also means it's time to collect donations for our servers (Actually remembered to coincide the drive with the anniversary this year).

I'm taking some time off this week, so hopefully we'll have a few treats to release on the actual anniversary. See? I'm on top of things this year (although a lot of the stuff was thanks to quarantining because of Corona)

We were fully funded with the materials donation last year, so we just need to cover server costs this time. The goal this year is 535 dollars!

So please donate, so that the staff can have underwear for tomorrow.


Typesetter still needed for Saber

I still need someone to typeset Saber and to create effects for it.Translations are usually done Saturday night Pacific time and typesetting is expected to be done by the next day in general. If you have the skill set and are interested, let me know

KR Saber 04 released!

Masukde is one of my favorite Rider illustrators, check out his tumblr and pixiv page!

If you have any artist recommendations, feel free to send me a link!

Thread / Wiki

Typesetter for Saber?

Hi all,

Still need a typesetter for Saber. Expectation is to apply styles and create effects for the episode. Ideally would work either Saturday night or Sunday morning California time. Will be expected to respond to qc feedback and adjust as needed. If you're interested, send me an e-mail or a forum PM.

KR Zero-One Anime Everyone's Daily Life 03 released

Saber 02 coming soon, sorry it's taking a while, working out some kinks!

Thread / Wiki

KR Saber 01 released!

May we present you with the toilet tube of passing

Thanks to everyone for being patient as we ironed out the kinks. Maybe more changes to come!

Thread / Wiki

9 1 3

Happy KAIXA day!

Ending karaoke effect for Saber?

I still need some karaoke effects for the ending song for Saber. Send me an e-mail if you're interested

takenoko wants your unsolicited life advice

The headline is bit sarcastic, but I actually do what to hear from people about what they do to find their work/hobby/life balance



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