Jan 31, 2005

ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Really. That's all there is to it. Galaxy Force continues as our favourite sentient alien mecha try to blend in on our planet. Find out how the government enjoys seeing random military vehicles acting carelessly in the open! Find out why there's a traffic light in the middle of the desert!

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 04


Jan 30, 2005

Release of the DayBreak...Well sort of. It all depends on where you live :) DekaRanger episode 23 is out.

DekaRanger 23


Jan 29, 2005

Kamen Rider Blade The Last Card disk 5 and the images from the cd set are now up.

Disk 5


Jan 28, 2005

We just can't let Blade go. So tonight we are releasing a compilation of commercials of Blade toys and other things. We hope you enjoy it.

Blade Commercials

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Jan 27, 2005

All the joint projects with WPP have been severed. TV-Nihon will continue to do the projects, WPP will not. So for all your Transformers interests stay tuned to this page right here. The quality will not change as the translation and editing portions of the Transformers series were handled by TV-Nihon. Please don't ask about the "breakup" as we wish to simply move forward. We harbour no ill feelings towards WPP it just simply was time to move forward on our own.

We're also having some issues with our re-direct. For now you can use tvnihon.net and tvnihon.com should be back up soon.

Transformers: Masterforce - Episode 27


Kamen Rider Blade may be over but we will have music to keep it's spirit alive. For all you karaoke fans here is The Last Card disk 4 Karaoke.

The Last Card disk 4

Jan 26, 2005

Tonight we are releasing TransFormers Galaxy Force episode 3. This will be the last Transformers released as a joint with WPP. After this All TF shows will be Tv-nihon only thank you.

Galaxy Force 3


I am very proud to annouce the release of Kamen Rider Blade Final Episode. This series Is the most amazing Kamen Rider show I have ever seen. I have grown to love all the characters and enjoy the show on a very emotional level. Hajime, Tachibana, Mutsuki, Kenzaki and all the others have all grown as characters. The drama and action and supprises this series has brought for myself and many others has just been amazing. I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as I and the tv-nihon staff have. Thank you for watching. And stay tuned for the next Kamen Rider....

Kamen Rider Blade Final

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Let's kick off a mid week release marathon with A Blade episode. Kamen Rider Blade 48. More to come later today.

Kamen Rider Blade 48

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Jan 24, 2005

The Last Card Disc 3 is out. Please enjoy.

Last Card 3
Ladies and gentlemen! I bring you GALAXY FORCE 2!

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 2!


Jan 23, 2005

More fun for the weekend,Kamen Rider Blade The last card disk 2. Enjoy.

last card 2

Jan 22, 2005

Continuing the weekend of releases... JustiRisers episode 5. More later.

JustiRisers 5


To kick off the weekend we have for you the GranSazer end song single. This was a great song and we hope you enjoy it.

GranSazer end song single

Jan 21, 2005

Transformers: Masterforce 26 out in the chan and on the torrent. Yes, I'm tired and hence rather uncreative for this post.


Jan 20, 2005

Tonight we bring you something special that will start a five day event. Kamen Rider Blade The Last Card music set. This is cd1 of a 5 cd set. Please enjoy.

The Last Card Cd1

Jan 19, 2005

Well we are getting down to the final episodes. Kamen Rider Blade 47 is out.

Blade 47

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Jan 15, 2005

Tonight we bring you a new hero and a new legend in our fansubbing. Tonight we bring you Kamen Rider Kuuga episode 1. This to many of us is one of the greatest Kamen Rider series ever. Please enjoy.

Kamen Rider Kuuga Episode 1


Our Weekend of releases starts now. First on the agenda is Gen Sei Shin JustiRisers episode 4.

JustiRisers 4


Jan 14, 2005

Super Link has ended and the new Transformers series has begun.

We bring you GALAXY FORCE!

Carrying the flag of Transformers in 2005 is this new series animated by Gonzo (Full Metal Panic!, Gravion, Gantz, etc...) blending full on CGI and cel animation. The story is possibly set many years after the events in Super Link but those details are unknown at this time. Also tonight we bring you episode 25 of Masterforce.

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 01
Transformers: Masterforce - Episode 25


Jan 9, 2005

Today we bring you something new and it's an anime. Yu-Gi-Oh episode 1 of series 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh. This is the series that started it in Japan. This is not about a card game. Fans of the series know it well. Those new to it should check it out. Come by our irc channel or our forums here to discuss it. This is a very good series I love how dark it is.

Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 1

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Jan 7, 2005

We have a special for all of you today,the Kamen Rider Hibiki full promo. This is longer than the one circulating right now.

Kamen Rider Hibiki Promo


Jan 6, 2005

DekaRanger episode 22 is ready. Guess who is in this episode :)

DekaRanger 22


Jan 4, 2005

Tonight we have some music and a special commerical set. First is a set of commericals that star Ultraman Nexus and other UltraMen. There are a few more supprises in it as well. For music we have the GranSazer Op Single cd. And the JustiRisers End Single Cd. Please enjoy them all.


GranSazer Op Single

JustiRisers End Single

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Jan 1, 2005

Here is a new year's treat, Kamen Rider Blade 46. Please enjoy.

Kamen Rider Blade 46

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