Aug 30, 2004

Aug 28, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD version episode 4,is now out. It is out on fservs in the irc channel and on the BT page.


Aug 27, 2004

We have just put up a batch torrent for DekaRanger episodes 1-3.


Starting today we are going to start deleting torrents with no seeders. Our distro people spend alot of their BW seeding for people and even do requests then the people they seed for dump the torrent when their ep is done downloading. I see no point in helping these people. So from now on if a torrent has 0 seeds for a certain ammount of time(I will detirmine that time) I will delete the torrent. Maybe this will encourage those of you using the bt as a form of leeching to keep seeding. For those of you that do seed you are very helpful but you are also very few in number.

Aug 26, 2004

Panda Z 20 is out from WPP and TV-Nihon. You can get the torrent from that here.

While we're on the subject of torrents there's one up for DJ Moon 1 and 2 from PGSM here.

I'd also like to say that our ability to add more torrents to the torrent page (Such as torrents for older releases) is HIGHLY dependent on how well the things on the page stay seeded... Right now... It's not looking so good. There's a whole lot of unseeded stuff. We can't seed it all. The bottom line is that if you want to continue to receive torrents for TV-Nihon releases then a lot of you need to start seeding those torrents. I see far too many people abusing the BT system... and it's frustrating when people beg for seeds all the time and our personal bandwidth has been stretched so far...

So if you want them to keep coming, start seeding... Otherwise some of those torrents will start to dissapear if they stay unseeded for too much longer and they probably won't ever return.

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Aug 25, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 45 is out. Bt is up and it is on fservs.


Aug 24, 2004



Here it is~ In the channel or in the torrent.


Aug 23, 2004

This past week we released our 300th fansub. And it was the first Myu we released. This just goes to show how much hard work each member of tv-nihon puts into these shows. There have been up and downs along the way. Some people have left and new people have joined. One thing stays the same..Our dedication to bringing fansubbed Toku,anime and Transformers to the fans. We have much more planned for this year. So here is to another 300 releases :)


Aug 21, 2004

We have just released our first Myu. It is Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Shanghai Fankan. This is to get the ball rolling ont he Sera Myu's expect much more later on. please read This Message reguarding more info on this release. The bt is up and it is also on fservs in the irc channel.

Aug 20, 2004

So today we're saying happy birthday to j3 and adekii!

How do we say happy birthday?


Transformers: Masterforce 09

Transformers: Masterforce 10
Transformers: Masterforce 11
Transformers: Masterforce 12
Panda Z: The Robonimation 19

Get them from the channels or get them from the BT!

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Aug 19, 2004

The ep everyone has been waiting for.. That's right.. Kamen Rider Blade episode 26. Fservs and BT. Go get it :)

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We at TV-Nihon understand that there was an attack on another website and the attackers identified themselves as members of TV-Nihon. We appologize for this incident but would like to publicly state that no member of TV-Nihon had anything to do with this attack. We will fully cooperate with the victim in supplying any information they need from us.

We will not hide the fact that we were very upset about the Music Video that was posted on that website that was ripped-off from Takenoko's Music Video. It is unfortunate that a fan's work would be treated that way. We have no problem with people using our releases to make music videos and we encourage people to come up with awesome music videos set to tokusatsu footage. We simply do not agree with using another fan's video to make your own. TV-Nihon has never before and never will sink to such a low standard as to attack a website in the manor in which the victim's website was attacked. We stand behind facts and are certain the ones responsible will be found.

If you are a member of the victim's website's staff please contact Cyberdramon in the TV-Nihon IRC channel or you may e-mail me at c y b e r d r a m o n @ c y b e r d r a m o n . c o m (Without the spaces) if you have questions/concerns due to this incident.

I will assist you in anyway I can. Again I apologize from one fan to the other that you had to experience this unfortunate event. Please understand that TV-Nihon had no part in this and we are happy to cooperate in anyway we can to ensure that our name is cleared.
The week of releases continues this time with Kamen Rider Blade 25. It's up on the bt page and on fservs.

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In this postby Takenoko he explains what he thinks of this "new" music video "made" by PowerAnimals.

Aug 18, 2004

For those into music,we have put up on fservs and the bt page Dj Moon 3.
Pretty Guardian Leangle erm.. No wait wrong series. Pretty Guardian Ban..Damn it still wrong series. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 44 is out. Come by the channel for an fserv or two or use the bt.


Aug 17, 2004

Well I told you more was coming out,and I was right. DekaRanger episode 14 is out. Bt and fserv.


Let's get this busy week started. First up we have Kamen Rider Blade episode 24. It is out on fservs and on the bt page. Expect more blade and Deka and maybe even a Myu :)

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Aug 16, 2004

Hello~! Popping in to let you know that Transformers: Super Link ep 19 and Masterforce ep 8 are now out in the channel and in WPP's channel. And for those of you that prefer BT, just head down to WPP's torrent site for torrents for both of them. ^_^


Aug 15, 2004

When I was at otakon I went too the Media Blasters pannel. After it was over I asked the CEO of Media Blasters if he was serious about people sending in tapes of things for them to look at,he said he was very serious. I have started a thread for people to suggest shows to put on the tape
On our forums here

Please give your input. I hope to have the tape ready by the first of September. Everyone is encouraged to give suggestions. I want this to be an end to the bullshit "feuds". People in the toku community should work together to get this stuff out over here. Let's put the petty crap aside and just work for this goal.

Aug 14, 2004

A CD's worth of Panda Z~

We decided to batch up episodes 1-15 of the WPP/TV-Nihon joint of Panda Z into one convenient file... You'll notice that that the individual torrents are also gone.

Click here for Panda Z 1-15. Thanks~


Aug 13, 2004

Friday the 13th--doesn't sound like a good date to be releasing stuff, but we're doing that anyway. Out in our chan and #WolfPackProduction's chan are Transformers Masterforce 7 and Super Link 18. Torrents can be found at[WPP_&_T-N]Transformers_Masterforce_-_07_[1B484011].avi.torrent


Aug 11, 2004

Our Very own takenoko has made a music video for Kamen Rider Blade. This is a very well done MV and I encourage everyone to check it out. It is on fservs and the bt page.

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Well hmmm..hmmm we have another release now but what is it.. OH YEAH Kamen Rider Blade episode 23. Bt and fserv.

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SOUUUUCHAKUUUU yes that is right... Chou Sei Shin GranSazer episode 30 is out. It is on fservs and the bt page. Lots more GranSazer and more coming soon.


The tentative release of blade 22 has been confirmed for a release today. Chances that it will show up on our bt page and on fservs in the irc channel are also confirmed.

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SAILOR PANDA Z! er... I mean...



This has been CONFIRMED. OMG REALLY!??!?

We have TENTATIVE plans to release more stuff, too. There is also some INTEREST in releasing even more after that. :P

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Aug 9, 2004

#shadow2k on Zirc a while back released YuGiOh series 1 episode 1. Why don't you stop by their channel and check it out. More coming from them soon.

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Aug 6, 2004

Hey, everybody. Here we have a release for Panda Z 17. You can pick up the torrent here. You can also find it in our channel.



Aug 4, 2004

We have just released Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 42. FLY SUPERMAN FLY, FLY LIKE THE WIND. Bt and fserv release.


Aug 3, 2004

I am getting sick of some people's ways of turning shit around.
Yes, MegaRanger and Jeff. I'm talking about you.

A lot of TV-Nihon people went to Otakon. Myself included. There was a panel by the company Media Blasters.

In the past a Media Blasters rep was quoted as saying they were interested in doing some tokusatsu in the near future. Key word here is "interested". This information came from MegaRanger of Japan Hero. That's cool. Way to go. Flash forward a bit. I think somewhere a Media Blaster's rep was asked the same question again and didn't know anything about it. As far as I know this was a different person than the original rep. From what I understand Jeff contacted Media Blasters personally and asked the question and again got the same thing. Media Blasters was interested in doing some toku.

Yes. I told people to stop lying when they were throwing names of shows around as "CONFIRMED" releases.

Flash forward to Otakon 2004. We were there. MegaRanger was there. Jeff was there somewhere too. (I'd have LOVED to have met these guys so they could see that I'm not some sort of terrorist...but alas.)

During the Media Blasters panel a question was asked (By MegaRanger) about the status of the toku projects from Media Blasters. The gentlemen said that they were still interested in Toku and were looking at options to get things started. From a business standpoint he basically said they're still working on getting started. He neither CONFIRMED nor DENIED that they have done anything beyond saying they want to do it. They have not said that they have done it.

I asked the question if they knew which shows they'd like to do. I'm rather curious if they want to go after the Super Sentai series that have been used by Disney for Power Rangers. He said they hadn't even started looking at which shows they'd want to do. I asked him if he knew about I was hoping maybe he knew about their efforts to get toku noticed by some of the anime companies. He said they'd seen it and have thought about picking it up. I didn't say anything more because I was rather confused by his answer.

I did not lead him to believe Japan Hero was a show. We are not subbing Japan Hero. (But maybe Hamtaro :O)

My final question for him was what could the people currently fansubbing tokusatsu do to help out an offical release. He said to keep subbing. He liked what we did and that fansubbers would be the first ones they would ask for help.

Afterwards he came over and spoke with KingRanger/DekaMaster and he gave him a business card with contact information and wanted some Kamen Rider subs.

MegaRanger: Did I steal your credit? No. Did I call you a liar? No.

Please. I'm really tired of seeing the slander over there. We're all fans. Cut it out and place nice. It also sucks that you guys STILL have me banned. It'd be nice to clear this shit up without having to post in public.