Oct 29, 2004

We've been beating the hell out of some anime series to get them fitted for subtitling. Here's the latest casualties.

Panda Z - Episode 29 (NEXT TO LAST EPISODE!)
Transformers Super Link - Episode 31
Transformers Masterforce - Episode 21

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Oct 24, 2004

Wow..what a week this has been. And to end it we bring you DekaRanger episode 19. It's on fservs and bt.

DekaRanger 19


Oct 22, 2004

What a week. And now we have another release. Kamen Rider Blade episode 33. It is on fservs and BT.

Blade 33

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And to add to Tv-Nihon's 2nd anniversary release lineup...*drumroll*

Panda-Z 28
Transformers: Super Link 29 and 30
Transformers: Masterforce 20

Hope you're enjoying your anniversary cake. ^_~

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Of 99 complete downloads of the new Faiz batch,there are only 22 seeders and some of those are tv-nihon staff. This will be the last batch file we put up for a VERY long time.

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Oct 21, 2004

Today we bring you another batch of Kamen Rider Faiz. Episodes 19-21 are in a torrent on the torrent page.

Faiz 19-21 Batch

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Oct 20, 2004

The week long Anniversary continues. Today we bring you Kamen Rider Blade episode 32. You can come by the channel and get it from an fserv or download the torrent.

Blade 32

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Oct 19, 2004

Our week long anniversary celebration continues with Dekaranger episode 18. It is on the bt page and on fservs in the irc channel.

Episode 18 Torrent

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Oct 18, 2004

Today we begin the Tv-Nihon 2nd Anniversary which takes please on the 22nd. To kick it off we have released Chou Sei Shin GranSazer Episodes 33 and 34. There is much more coming this week. You can come by the irc channel for the episodes or get them from the bt page.

Episode 33
Episode 34

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Oct 15, 2004

Yup, it's another release day this week. Releases, front and center!

Panda-Z 27
Transformers: Masterforce 19

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Oct 9, 2004

We have just released Kamen Rider Blade episode 31. This is the beginning of a new story arc not to mention a new op song. So we have also released the Kamen Rider Blade Elements Single. Both are released in the irc channel and on the bt page.

Episode 31
Elements Single

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Oct 8, 2004

Got a small lineup tonight, but I think the Trans fans will be happy with what we're releasing. ^_^

Transformers: Masterforce 18


Oct 7, 2004

The Final Act

Too many people to thank right now (I'm late for an appointment) but I just want to make sure that everyone knows how much fun it was to work on and watch this show...

I'll probably post later tonight on our forums with a longer more Cyberdramon-ish rant on thanking everyone who's helped us and supported us for PGSM... Please! PLEASE! Stop by the channel. It's a celebration to us to finish this last episode. (Don't worry, we'll still do the Special Act plus we have the Kirari Super Live stage show to come~)

Anyway, download, seed, ENJOY!


Oct 6, 2004

Weee! Here's Panda Z 26 for you~!


Oct 5, 2004

555..Standing By...HENSHIN. That's right everyone another Faiz batch torrent is up. This time it's episodes 16-18. Please remember to seed and share when your downloads are done.

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Oct 4, 2004

A batch torrent of Kamen Rider Faiz episodes 13-15 has gone up. You can get it from the BT page.

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