Aug 31, 2005

The BT page is down until further notice. Anything we release will be IRC only until the new tracker server is up and working. And a side note for you people that whine and complain about this... I have a finger extended guess which one.
JustiRisers episode 43 is now up on the torrent page.

JustiRisers 43 Torrent The torrent page might go up and down today.


The JustiRisers episode 42 torrent is now up. You can get it here
We have also made a batch torrent for JustiRisers episodes 21-42 this was done to clean up the torrent page some and help out the tracker.

JustiRisers 21-42 batch


Aug 30, 2005

Galaxy Force 34 and JustiRisers 43 are ready. IRC only still. Tracker should be back up tomorrow. Or it might not :)


JustiRisers episode 42 is now ready. The Torrent tracker is going through a server upgrade right now so this release is irc only for the timing being.


Aug 29, 2005

I have never been a big fan of recap episodes in anime and tv shows but Onmyou did a great one. Episode 13 is ready.

Onmyou Taisenki 13

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First off here is the torrent for Transformers Master Force episode 38 And that's right... JustiRisers contiues with Episode 41. Lots more coming later tonight.

JustiRisers 41

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Aug 28, 2005

Aug 27, 2005

Our bt tracker is having some work done on it so please be patient if you are having any issues. Tonight we are releasing Onmyou Taisenki 12, Hibiki 16, MasterForce 38 and JustiRisers 40. All are on fservs in the irc channel. Torrents will be made as soon as we are able.

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Aug 26, 2005

Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 15 is ready for your downloading pleasure. And we have a special little thing for you tonight. It's from a comedy Trivia show in Japan and it involves in this episode the new hit show Densha Otoko. It is very funny and very eye opening.

Hibiki 15

Densha Trivia Special

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How about another JustiRisers? Well then you'll just have to wait cause today it's Hibiki. Hibiki Episode 14.

Hibiki 14

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Aug 25, 2005

Guess what we have for you? That's right JustiRisers 39 :)

JustiRisers 39


Lets take a little break from JustiRisers and go to another end of the Tokusatsu universe. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 25 is ready.

MagiRanger 25

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I really love JustiRisers. Episode 38 is ready. This is a very imporant episode for story and for the new killer song they have in it. More tonight.

JustiRisers 38


Aug 24, 2005

How about another JustiRisers? Good I'm glad we all agree :) JustiRisers episode 37 is now ready. More JustiRisers coming tomorrow.

JustiRisers 37


I hope every one is having a great day. Lets make it even better with a release of JustiRisers episode 36. More JustiRisers coming very soon.

JustiRisers 36


One of our forum members has made a great DekaRanger wallpaper. Here is a small example of it. The original post can be found here the post also contains a full sized version for download.


Aug 23, 2005

I always have trouble coming up with fun things to say here sooooooooo..... Lions and tigers and bears and giant metal bugs with twin swords and lots of slicing. Onmyou Taisenki episode 11 is ready.

Onmyou Taisenki 11

And what can I say about Galaxy Force. Primus and my sweet sweet Chromia...

Galaxy Force 33

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Aug 19, 2005

Lets kick off the weekend with a little magic. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 24 is ready for downloading. Irc fserv or Torren.

MagiRanger 24


A person by the name CharismaBuster is spamming different forums around right now. This person is ex-tvnihon staff member Shuri. Shuri stole from the group. Hacked our web site to steal user donations and lied to the fandom about what he has done. He has run a bad vcd selling site and anyone that thinks of buying from him should NOT DO IT. If you have sent him any money DEMAND it back as soon as you can. He has posted to HJU, JH and Rangerboard. His regular operating procedure is to send out a few sales and then stop. He'll get a few people to say how reliable he is and then after that it ends. he'll keep your money and make excuses about sending things out. Again, be very careful when you decide to deal with this person.

Aug 18, 2005

JustiRisers episode 35 is ready for downloading and viewing. Hey wait... Didn't they kill Hadess +_+

JustiRisers 35


Aug 17, 2005

lets kick off the day with Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 23.

MagiRanger 23


Aug 16, 2005

JustiRisers episode 34 is now ready. This one kicks off a big new story arc. We hope you enjoy.

JustiRisers 34


Aug 15, 2005

And one more release for the night. Transformers Galaxy Force episode 32. GO SONIC CONVOY!

Galaxy Force 32


I said more tonight and here it is. Onmyou Taisenki Episode 10.

Onmyou 10

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Onmyou Taisenki episode 9 is ready for your downloading and viewing pleasure. More later tonight.

Onmyou 9

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Aug 14, 2005

And tonight we have for you.. Onmyou Taisenki episode 8. Lots more Onmyou coming tomorrow :)

Onmyou Taisenki 8

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Aug 13, 2005

And the last release for tonight, JustiRisers 33.

JustiRisers 33


Aug 12, 2005

And one more for the evening. Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 13.

Hibiki 13


And now for the first release of the evening. Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 12. More tonight.

Hibiki 12


IRC opened only to registered users

Before any new rumors about what's going on at TV-Nihon's IRC channel springs up.... At this time only those who are registered ZiRC users may access our IRC channel. This was done in order to stop a series of attacks made by some idiot with a grudge against KingRanger and/or the group.

What this means for the casual leecher is that they must pick a username and register it with ZiRC before they can access our channel. While it might be a pain for those of you who feel you shouldn't have to register, for others it's worth it since there are numerous great channels on ZiRC besides our own. Who knows, you might find a Yu-Gi-Oh dueling channel on ZiRC.

Whether or not our channel will remain +R does remain to be seen but at this time, if you want to access our channel then log onto ZiRC and type /nickserv help for more information on registering. Keep in mind two things - 1) you need a legitimate e-mail address for ZiRC to send you an authorization code to complete your registration and 2) your nick can be dropped by you or by ZiRC if you don't use it within (I believe) a 30 day period.

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Aug 10, 2005

Tonight we have two releases for you. First for the Transformers Fans we have, Transformers Galaxy Force episode 31. And for The Sentai fans we have Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 22. And if you are a fan of both Transformers and Sentai than this is a great night for you.

Galaxy Force 31

MagiRanger 22

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Torrent page back up for now.

DekaRanger 36


Forums up

Aug 9, 2005

Forums are currently offline

Forums are currently offline and will (hopefully) return tomorrow morning. Please be patient as we attempt to fix things.

You can still download TV-Nihon subs in our IRC channel (#TV-Nihon) which is located on the ZiRC server.

Note: You do need a real IRC client such as mIRC (or use our favorite - Sysreset) to download from the fservers. Do not use ZiRC java or cgi portals.

A note from or Torrent Tracker host:
Sorry about the downtime. I'm currently doing some major hardware upgrades, but don't worry, it won't take too long as the new server is on the way! A temporary tracker will be up soon so torrents will be still available until I recieve and configure the new server. I would like to thank those who generously donated for making this possible. Your contribution will surely help making the ride smoother for everyone. Also, a special person deserves special thanks- you know who you are. ^_^

This might not be a scoop but I think it's worth to be mentioned. We are going to switch a new tracker. The frontend is going to be nicer, with more features and the backend is going to be quite more stable than the current one (thank god). So hold on thight, this move is for the best!

Aug 7, 2005

DekaRanger episode 36 is ready. As the bt page is still down if you want it now you'll have to come to the irc channel. This one has a big bird.


Aug 6, 2005

The BT page is undergoing repairs and upgrades. Over the next few weeks you will start seeing changes and improvements in the tracker and the page itself. If it goes down please use one of our many fine Fservs in the irc channel.

Aug 4, 2005

Here's a release of another show we dropped a few times, then picked back up a few times. JustiRisers 32 is ready... Or is it...

JustiRisers 32


And one last release for you tonight, DekaRanger 35. Remember everyone, we drop every series we do so download this release fast. Whoops to late no more DekaRanger... No wait now it's back on... No wait... We just cancelled two other shows... No wait those shows are back on and we have dropped Vanny Knights...

DekaRanger 35


Aug 3, 2005

How about another release this evening? Gear Fighter Dendoh Episode 2.

Dendoh 2

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Tonight we are proud to present our 600th fansub release, Gear Fighter Dendoh Episode 1. Magenta was kind enough to buy the R2 dvd's and we just couldn't pass this series up. It has been in the planning/Fansubbing stages for months now. Through many edits, re-encodes, and what not it is finnaly ready. We hope you all enjoy this great anime.

Gear Fighter Dendoh Episode 1

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Aug 1, 2005

And now for all the Transformers fans. Transformers Galaxy Force episode 30. This is one "Super" episode.

Galaxy Force 30


And now for another Nexus. Ultraman Nexus episode 19. This makes tv-nihon's 598th release. Release 599 and 600 coming soon.

Nexus 19


How about some more Nexus? Well you're going to get it anyway :)

Ultraman Nexus 18