Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Years from #TV-Nihon! 2010

Don't forget this is the end of the Decade!

DaiRanger 07 DVD released

Dec 30, 2009

DaiRanger 06 DVD released

Free Image Hosting at
Kamen Rider?

Dai 6 released

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Also, do people want to make us some Dai splashes? I really like some of the ones I edited together, but it'd be great if we could have more. Same for any of our other active shows. Just e-mail or PM me a link


Dec 29, 2009

There is no Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0

It's a lazy and inaccurate name.

Toei Yu-Gi-Oh 1998

This is no season 0 because it was animated by a different studio. Just call it Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh, you know, the guys that bring you Kamen Rider and Sentai? Look, Kaiba has green hair. It's not the same continuity! The reason we're able to fansub this series is because this isn't the anime that was licensed and dubbed in America. It aired in 1998 and is referred by the Japanese as Yu-Gi-Oh anime series 1, since it was the first one. These details are important.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

This is the series that was dubbed for America. It was created by Studio Dais and owned by TV-Tokyo, but the important thing is that this is the successor series airing in 2000, that's why it has the extra long name to distinguish it from the original.

Like don't start calling Duel Monsters Yu-Gi-Oh season 2 or something retarded like that, but stop fucking calling the Toei series "Season 0". It makes you sound super ignorant. You can call it Toei Yu-Gi-Oh or Original Yu-Gi-Oh anime series, but it shouldn't take a diminutive because of some North American familiarity bias.

TLDR: Stop using the term "Season 0" this is a Japanese fan site. It's the same reason we don't let people use Power Ranger terms for Sentai


DaiRanger 05 DVD released

Dec 28, 2009

DaiRanger 04 DVD released and Healing Princess Xmas message released

2009 is almost over

Dec 27, 2009

DaiRanger 03 DVD released

Image Hosted by

If the mecha looks familiar, it's because Power Rangers used the mecha footage for this series for its second season. But you can only see the DaiRanger suits in this series!

Dai 3 released

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User avatar response to no W this week

Dec 26, 2009

No W or Shinkenger this week

Free Image Hosting at
Damn you, Decade!

No W?
Talk about how there's no Shinkenger this week?

Maybe watch some DaiRanger or Rescue Fire instead? We released a ton of crap on Christmas, after all.

Or maybe spend some time making some funny photoshop entries. Deadline's next month!
Don't forget about our Photoshop Contest!

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DaiRanger 02 DVD released

So after being RyuuRanger, Wada Keiichi apparently became the original Ryuki (in the TV special) and the original R1 in Rescue Force. Also he bulked up like crazy!

DaiRanger 02 released

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W 15 and Healing Princess 11 released

Free Image Hosting at

The Word:
愛着 【あいちゃく】
Aichaku (n) attachment, love, covetous affection, (P)
Comes from the kanji for love and attachment. It's the same chaku used in Souchaku and Chakusou. Interesting?!

W 15 thread
Healing Princess 11

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Dec 25, 2009

GameCenter CX 09 released

Free Image Hosting at

Hope everyone's had a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays! On to 2010!

Note, episode has nothing to do with Dragon Quest

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Crimbo Present: Keitai HD batch 2 released

More Goseiger pics

Thanks to Tak3.0


Crimbo Present 3: Kabuto 1 DVD

DaiRanger 01 DVD released

Crimbo Present 1 MagiRanger Movie in HD

Free Image Hosting at
Surprise! A secret project cooked up by Az for you all. What says Christmas better than the magical family?

MagiMovie thread

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Shinken 43 SD released

Free Image Hosting at
Pic shamelessly lifted from Garfield's post

Hope everyone is having a very toku holidays! Keep an eye today, there'll be presents from us! Merry Christmas!

Free Image Hosting at
Here, have a little Hell!

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Dec 24, 2009

Rescue Fire 38 SD released

Free Image Hosting at
Save the Earth! For Christmas!

38 thread
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Dec 23, 2009

Linkara makes a Dragon Dagger


Also, check out the rest of the site if you like comic books. Or even if you hate comic books. It's a funny show


Shinken second SD batch up

Free Image Hosting at

The series may be coming to an epic conclusion, so here's your chance to get caught up!

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Remember that you can resume batch torrents

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Dec 22, 2009

Shinkenger 41-42 HD up

Big props to staff who've worked to bring these. Way to go!

41 thread
42 thread
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Weekly poll: Bittorrent versus Direct Downloads (vs IRC)

So what do you prefer?

And why that method?

Also, it appears that Tokyo Toshokan has been going up and down. Remember you can always follow updates from us by this Twitter account:

The RSS feed for the front page:

Or just the Tracker RSS feed if all you care about is downloads. Remember you can set it up to autodownload stuff. Imagine coming home to your apartment in the clouds and thanks to space age technology, your show will be ready when you get there

Finally, you can always see all the new posts on our forums with this link:


Dec 20, 2009

Den-O never stops

Free Image Hosting at

Just kidding. Anyway, we've got the final TV series batch up

It includes episodes 39-46 and the last 3 director's cut that was released separately

Imagin Anime 1-20 and Momotaros' Summer Vacation

Music videos (Double Action Climax Form, Climax Jump, Yume de Aeta nara)

The Cut Scenes

The hyper battle video

And some other stuff

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Remember that you can resume batch torrents

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Splash pics and Picture Editing Contest

It's time to show off your Photoshop-fu everyone! First, there's the Photoshop contest I'm running. The theme is edit celebrities into toku heroes or edit toku heroes into some other entertainment form.

We could also use some more splash pictures for some of the shows we do. Like DaiRanger or MegaRanger (640x480 resolution), Kuuga (720x404), or Rescue Fire (1280x720)

You can e-mail them to me or PM them to me through the forums. Thanks


Dec 19, 2009

Congratulations Kikuchi Mika!

KR W 14 and Healing Princess 10 released (HD too)

Dec 18, 2009

Shinkenger 42 SD released

Free Image Hosting at
Call me lord!

泣き処 【なきどころ】
Nakidokoro (n) weak point, vulnerable point, Achilles' heel

Literally the kanji for naki (to cry) and tokoro (place). How funny

Shinken 42 SD
So Az will be looking into options for Shinken HD. W seems okay, but apparently there's no resources for Rescue Fire. Hopefully stuff will come up

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Status of HD encodes

Long story short, there's no raws for them in the last few weeks. More details here

Also, if a link isn't available right away for the DDL thread, please don't go making posts asking for them. It doesn't make it magically appear faster

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Rescue Fire 37 SD released

#TV-Nihon photoshop contest

Hey everyone, all set for the winter break?

Cool, cool. So during that time we're going to be having a photoshop contest. It's mostly just for fun just to see what people come up with. Maybe the winners will get featured as a splash or put on the front page, I don't have a concrete idea for the prize yet.

Anyway the theme for the photoshop contest will be: Taking a celebrity and turning them into a toku hero/villain or taking a toku character and editing them into a funny movie/TV show scene.

There's no formatting rules, people can do just one scene or set it up as a comic. Obviously no nudity or super offensive stuff, because of children or something. Plus this is supposed to be just for fun, after all.

Obviously, if you make your image funny, really thoughtful, or cool in some way, it'll get a lot more attention than if you just photoshopped a belt on someone.

Submit your entries to this thread for now. Taking entries up to January 7th. If there are a lot of entries, the staff will go over it and select like the top entries before putting it to vote by the forum. Hopefully this will be a fun experiment. Have a good holiday everyone!


Dec 17, 2009

QCer wanted

We've got this long Den-O Talk Show that needs QCing. Volunteer must be good at finding mistakes, have a good grasp of English. PM me on the forum if you're interested

Dec 15, 2009

It's Crimbo in the Kingdom of Loathing

Free Image Hosting at

What better than a holiday event to plug Clan TV-Nihon in Kingdom of Loathing? Sign up for a free account and help us assist the Don penguin as he lords over Crimbo Town. Smack those elves today!

Dec 14, 2009

Random Poll: Who is the greater protector of little sisters?

W 13 released

Image Hosted by

流通 【りゅうつう】
Ryuutsuu (n) circulation of money or goods, flow of water or air, distribution, (P)

There's a guest star in this episode. Do you remember where you've seen her before? Also, this one has an HD release

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Dec 12, 2009

Shinkenger 41 SD released

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

飢餓 【きが】
Kiga (n) hunger, (P)

No HD yet, sorry!

Shinken 41

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Dragon Knight cancelled

Image Hosted by

Farewell Dragon Knight. Obviously you were too beautiful for this world

Dragon Knight thread

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Dec 10, 2009

Rescue Fire 36 SD released

Here's why it's Kamen Rider W and not Double

So I'm going to try something new where I make a poll and tackle some issue of some sort, which I'll try to do weekly. If you guys have an idea for an interesting issue, idea for a topic, or have a question that I can answer, feel free to e-mail or PM me

Explanation of W(Double)

In Japan the pronunciation for W and the English word "double" are the same. So eventually W became a trendy short cut for meaning "double". A famous example is Final Fantasy IV where two characters cast a joint spell called W Meteo:

Free Image Hosting at

The controversy
The problem with people who don't know Japanese is they can't really make informed decisions about Japanese shows. They see the English subtitle under the logo and assume that's a translation of the title:
Image Hosted by

That's nice and all, but you can't point at the one bit of English in the series and say this is the be all and end all decisive factor for the series, that's not good reasoning.

It's just funny because on the same page you get three other examples of the equally English letter W but this information is dismissed somehow. Not to mention the belt itself is shaped like a W
Free Image Hosting at

But to be fair, the big orange katakana words and katakana words at the top basically are the Japanese spelling of "Double". Any time these appear, it's evidence that the English term is correct

So what's going on here?

Assuming there's only one correct answer, either...
A) It's W and the double in the logo is just a part of the joke meaning from above
B) It's Double and the W is just a part of the logo, not part of the actual name

So how do we decide what's right?

Well, since it's a name you just have to go with which one is used more. Especially when the term is by itself and not just the ambiguous W(Double). I'm not saying that reasoning through popular opinion is good reasoning, but it's the only thing that makes sense since a name is only as functional as how it's used

So we have the official Toei Page

For W:
URL uses W, Link for Kamen Rider W and Shinkenger
If you click on this link it just says W by itself and W and Decade movie

For Double:
Uses katakana double almost exclusively on the page except for in the link
The first episode page also uses Double, but only in parentheses after a W

Conclusion: Ambiguous

Maybe I'm scrutinizing the sites too much, after all, it just depends on the whim of whoever designed the site.

Some numbers, numbers are like facts, right?
I'm clearly overthinking this, let's just see how the Japanese search for it

Google Japan results:
"仮面ライダーW" の検索結果 約 33,200,000
"仮面ライダーダブル" の検索結果 約 5,810,000

Well, W gives you 6 times the results. That's interesting

Let's say I want to buy products for this show. I wonder which one is more valid at Amazon?

Image Hosted by

It's a little closer, but it's obvious that if I were to try to buy stuff for this Kamen Rider Double show, I'm not going to get as many results (and it'd be impossible to buy DVDs for it)

Maybe you're going "the generic Japanese population are dumb, they don't know what the name of their own show is, we can only trust the official creators for the correct name"

Other Kamen Rider sites

Let's look at the Blade website
You see the giant kanji behind it and at the top bar? Looks like it says Kamen Rider Tsurugi, but wait, you can see the katakana says BUREIDO. Well darn, this seems to be the opposite of my argument for W/Double.
Except when you click on the Rider profile, it says Kamen Rider Blade. No kanji here
How about another example? Let's look at Faiz. Well shit, the logo and top title clearly say Kamen Rider 555. Have we been doing this series wrong the whole time? And the logo's no help, it says Masked Rider Phi sign. Clearly that's the English translation of the show title. No wait, there's Faizu written out in katakana over the logo.
No wait, when you go to the Rider page, it clearly says his name is Faiz. Clearly the 555 and Phi sign was a pun. Very creative, Japan.
Kamen Rider DCD?!
Oh no, that's just the dumb logo. Clearly the Rider's name is Decade. He even wrote it on his belt!

The damning conclusion:
So let's see what the Japanese call their Rider on their official page
Free Image Hosting at

And here's the poll

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Dec 9, 2009

More Goseija pics

DarkFox has given us some more pics featuring the mecha and transformation device:



Good News Everybody!

Image Hosted by

Thanks again to Garfield for finding this

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Dec 8, 2009

Healing Princess 9 released

Free Image Hosting at

It's not over yet, brother! Not yet!

Healing Princess 09

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Dec 7, 2009

Rescue Fire 35SD version 2 released

Free Image Hosting at
Also handy on karaoke night!


Front page thread

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Rescue Fire 35 SD recalled

Looks like the opening title is missing

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Dec 5, 2009

Unofficial TN Talk show?

Does anyone want to pick this up and run it?

Okay, it looks like Ninja_Commander is still running the show, but needs a co-host. If anyone wants to volunteer, please PM him over the forums. Thanks!

Kuuga 4 released

Dec 4, 2009

Shinkenger 40 released

Free Image Hosting at
A true samurai!

飢える 【うえる】
Ueru (v1) to starve, (P)

The big four o

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W 12 released

Free Image Hosting at

Awesome W is awesome
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The word
轢き逃げ 【ひきにげ】
Hikinige (n) (uk) hit-and-run accident causing personal injury

The nige is the same nige in nigeru/nigero the Japanese word for "to run away". Run away! Run away! It does not mean Wesley Snipes, even if you do see it in a movie
Edit for obligatory exposition: In "Rising Sun" Wesley Snipes tells someone that the Japanese word for black people is "nigero". That would be true if English words pronounced badly makes it Japanese!

Special guest? See if you can find her, because I'm not sure myself

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Healing Princess 8 released

Image Hosted by

Be sure to catch last week's broadcast, since that one directly connects to W

Healing Princess 8
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Kuuga 03 released

Dec 3, 2009

Does this commercial remind anyone of anything?!

2010 Sentai: Tensou Sentai Goseija officialish info

Thank you to Garfield for posting this. Read more here and note how it differs from the leaked info

Free Image Hosting at

Picture used for misleading hilarity, may not actually be relevant


Dec 2, 2009

Rescue Fire 35 released

Gosei Sentai DaiRanger, restart! Tenshin daaa!

Free Image Hosting at

As many people know, we here at #TV-Nihon have said that we would restart DaiRanger and ZyuRanger when the DVDs are released. Well, guess what Sentai series just started being released last month?

I've also started working on more Mega. I'll balance that and revising the scripts for DaiRanger 1-10 for DVDfication this month. Look forward to it!

Enjoy the promo. Yes, Toei is actually including bonus footage to their Sentai DVD. Amazing!
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Direct Download Forums

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Direct Download Links forums which are tended to by Azazel, Shadowneko003, and many other helpful contributors.

Recently we made a change to the forums to cut down on the wasted posts and keep things clean and tidy. Please remember to keep series discussions and thank yous and stuff to the other forums. It's less wasteful stuff for our DDL staff to go through

General users can now only post in two sub forums. Only the forum mods can modify and post to the series threads

We have the Submit Links forum. If you want to submit a mirror, add a link, etc, please post it here.

If you notice a dead link, please use our Notify Broken Links forum

These forums auto prune on a regular basis

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Thanks, your cooperation is appreciated