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Japanese Commercials for Sunday October 10th released

Sorry things are a bit late this week. Was a bit distracted by Metroid Dread and some real life stuff. Also added the junction for Zenkaiger 26, since we missed it originally.

Revice 06 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 31 Discussion Thread / Wiki

No Toei files here

Just a reminder that because of the copyright problems with Toei, we're not hosting any Toei files on this site anymore. If you look around, you can probably find that other people have archived it in other places.


Komi Can't Communicate 02

Can you believe that actor is 35?

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KR Agito 28 discussion thread

It's episode 28! The weird one that's 4:3 aspect ratio and also the only episode not written by Inoue. This one's a Kobayashi script! Kobayashi, come back! Click below to discuss this episode:

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Ayakashi Toumetsuden Kougaiga 01 released

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File List:


Release 5000: Komi Can't Communicate 01

Here's relesae 5000! Hope it's not too anticlimactic.

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Delay in releases

Hi! Sorry for no CMs last week. I've been having a busy week and Luna's kid is sick. I'm also kind of delaying things because I don't want release 5000 to just be some commercials lol.

Transformers Victory batch released

The dragging of our feet to release 5000 continues! (Temper your expectations, release 5000 will be something simple)

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