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Ayakashi Toumetsuden Kougaiga 01 released

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Release 5000: Komi Can't Communicate 01

Here's relesae 5000! Hope it's not too anticlimactic.

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Delay in releases

Hi! Sorry for no CMs last week. I've been having a busy week and Luna's kid is sick. I'm also kind of delaying things because I don't want release 5000 to just be some commercials lol.

Transformers Victory batch released

The dragging of our feet to release 5000 continues! (Temper your expectations, release 5000 will be something simple)

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Transformers Masterfroce batch released

Join us with this blast from the past as we head on the road to release 5000! (Don't get your hopes up, 5000 will be a small release)

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Happy 9-1-3 day

KR Agito 27 discussion thread

I always forget that Agito has episode titles since they don't appear in episode.

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Transformers The HeadMasters batch released

Since I think these aren't licensed anymore, here's the old subs we did for these back in the day. I didn't translate these and we don't own the DVDs so these are being released as-is. Will do MasterForce and Victory later on.

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Wakusaver Batches released

Wakusaver season 2 filming now

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KR Agito 25 discussion thread

Not sure where I found this pic

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