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KR Zero-One Finale and Countdowns released

Thanks to Kry for setting the series up, the "Gotta have Aruto" line is his work. Thanks to Lunagel for always pushing me to be better. Thanks to the QC team for making our subs the best they can be. And thanks to you fans for watching and supporting our group!

Edit: Also can't forget to thank DarkAura for helping us with encoding, ^Drax^ for timing Kamen Rider for us for so many years, and just everyone else who've helped that I'm negligently overlooking.

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Series discussion and poll (Spoilers)

KR Saber?

Does anyone want to help us work on Saber? We're looking for a translator and typesetter for the series

Send me an e-mail if you're interested

Copyright law change?

tl;dr Probably will continue as we are now unless we hear something more concerning.



Densetsu no Code Breakers - Tokusatsu inspired interactive fiction

Short info:
After a small percentage of the population develop powers, a special division is created to fight super powered threats. Five young people must fight not only their enemies, but also their individual problems and insecurities, dealing with their feelings while also protecting their world with their own lives.

A mostly kinetic episodic visual novel recommended for mature readers with some adult themes (strong language, use of alcohol and drugs, partial nudity, non-explicity sex).

Densetsu no Code Breakers is a love letter to a lot of different media that I grew up watching and reading, including japanese anime, tokusatsu and manga, american superhero comics, movies and tv shows, and obviously, visual novels. It does not feature any complex systems, the basic premise is to create episodes that play similar to an anime/tokusatsu show with short duration.

Currently the novel supports english and portuguese-br, I don't have the skills to translate it to other languages.

You can read the episodes on the page mentioned in the pic or here: https://darkwesvn.itch.io/densetsu-no-code-breakers



Movie Sentai Party v2 released!

Hi, takenoko here! Don't ask me what this v2 contains, I'm just helping release it. Ask Luna or Xiiliea!

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Saber Promo HD1080 version up

Sorry, meant to release ONLY the original resolution, but had a 720 resize tag in my encoding script. So here's what the actualy resolution of the video was meant to be.

Yodomu = Stagnation?

First we have to acknowledge that the bad guys get their name as a portmanteau of Yodomu and Jodunheim.

Yodomu 淀む/澱む 【よどむ】 (v5m) to stagnate, to be stagnant, to settle, to deposit, to be sedimented, to be precipitated, to hesitate, to be sluggish, to stammer, to stumble, to falter

I got the idea from this video:

It talks briefly about Japanese beliefs that flowing water is a sign of cleanliness and healthiness. That's why people stand under waterfalls to purify themselves.

Whereas water that doesn't flow (like the ones in the bad guy place) becomes stagnate (hey, that's the first definition of Yodomu). The water for them is dark and corrupting.

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I think this is the best explanation that you're going to get for why there's just a bunch of water for the Jodunheim guys.


Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 50 Blu-ray version released

All we can say at this point is thanks for watching it with us! Again or for the first time!

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Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 49 Blu-ray version released

Thanks to xiiliea for working on redoing this series! We started this series redo December 17, 2016. It's been quite a road!

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