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Japanese Commercials for Sunday January 16th released

Scene looks nothing like this shot in the episode

Revice 18 Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 43 Thread / Wiki

Ryusoulger Legend of Master's Soul 03 discussion thread

Have you guys seen this? Be sure to buy the Blu-ray!

Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for Sunday January 9th released

As well as commercials from whatever aired during new years.

Revice 17: Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 42: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for Sunday December 26th released

Sorry for the late release. Wasn't saving for New Years, just had the holiday blahs.

Happy New Years!

Revice 16 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 41 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Mahou Bishoujo Senshin Fontaine 04 released

Thread / Wiki

That's it for GIGA tokusatsu for 2021. What did you guys think? Did you have a favorite series? Was it a successful experiment? We're running a discussion thread for that here. Vote for your favorite series!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to staff and fans!

I hope you guys are having a good time during this holiday season!


Japanese Commercials for Sunday December 12th released

Oh hey, it's that pirate sentai for that Sentai anniversary.

Revice 14 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Zenkaiger 39 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Ten Gokaiger discussion thread

Just watched it recently and want to discuss! You can pick up the Blu-ray at CD Japan or Amazon Japan, etc. You wouldn't pirate a pirate sentai would you?

Discussion Thread / Wiki

Kamen Rider W movie

Wasn't it crazy how Philip thought Maria was Shroud? What a plot

Movie Discussion Thread

Hmmm, whatever did happen with Shroud?


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