Jan 27, 2004

Sailor Moon Episode 16 is out on servers. Come by the channel to download it now.


Jan 25, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen...we've got it! The Kamen Rider Blade OP video! Download it here! Enjoy!

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Machine Robo Rescue 31 and Zyuranger ep2 are on the bt page.

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Jan 24, 2004

Machine Robo Rescue episode 31 has been released.

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Jan 21, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 15 is out. Come by the channel to download it.


Jan 12, 2004

Gransazer episode 13 and Faiz episode 40 are released. They are both on servers in the channel.

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Jan 11, 2004

Thanks to the guys at Japan hero we were able to get the first DekaRanger promo Clip. We now present that clip subbed for your pleasure :) You can download it Right Here

Jan 10, 2004

Japan hero has the first video promo up of Dekaranger. Go check it out :)

Jan 4, 2004

Given the nature of digitalsubbing and it's reliance on fans to have decent computers and a decent amount of bandwidth, we understand that a lot of people don't meet those requirements and are often left trying desperately to get the files they want. We've also noticed a lot of people turning to e(vil)bay to get fansubbed Sailor Moon eps that we've been doing... We do not support the selling of our fansubs on E-bay at all. Beacuse of this some people have thought we are totally against our episodes being distributed outside of our channe and BT page...this is not so. We fully encourage those people who do not have the ability to download and enjoy our files for free to find a way to get them.

So for those of you who have been fighting to get the files, don't like downloading or whatever you might be experiencing we highly recommend you visit this site here and read what these guys are offering. It's a very affordable alternative to having to download episodes and they are not going to profit off you or steal your money. So please, if any of you are buying our episodes on e-bay STOP and click that link.

Thanks~ ^_^


A group has been stealing our Sailor Moon scripts for their own "Translation". You can read about it here


Jan 3, 2004

Everyone should run out as soon as possible and buy the new Ultraman Tiga dvd Vol 1 from 4kids/Funimation.
This is what US toku fans have been begging for. There are NO dubs, ONLY subs! The first volume is 2 dvds with 13 episodes. Yes, THIRTEEN! None of that 2 eps on a dvd crap. The whole series will be 4 volumes. If you guys want to see more tokusatsu series given the same treatment, you NEED to buy these dvds and SUPPORT the proper treatment of tokusatsu series. Plus, the first volume has a collectors version with a t-shirt and a boc to hold all 4 volumes. :)


Jan 2, 2004

We have the opening movie to the new Faiz PS2 game. You can download it here Be warned,this will make you want the game :)

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Jan 1, 2004

We do not appreciate those people who have imitated KingRanger and I on message boards.
Machine Robo Rescue 25 is out and going around on servers.

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Sailor Moon episode 13 is out,along with Machine Robo Rescue 23 and 24. GranSazer 12 is also out. All of you that want these will have to come to irc to get them for now. There is a problem with the bt page.

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