Feb 29, 2004

Yes all you moon fans that's right,Sailor Moon Episode 20 is out and going around on servers now. No bt for a few days so come to the channel to download it. As a side note anyone asking about when the bt will be up you go bye bye.


Feb 26, 2004

TokuSou Sentai DekaRanger episode 1 has been released. Come to our new channel and download it today.


Feb 25, 2004

Sailor Moon 19 is out.


We're terribly sorry about the inconvenience in all this but we are moving to a new server. While we had thought clockworkbear was a good switch, it unfortunately does not meet our needs. Please join us on our new server at irc.zirc.org. Thank you for your patience and support.

Feb 23, 2004

Mirc-X is dead. It's not coming back. Rumours adrift that Aniverse is dead too. Further rumours tell us other networks are being targeted and attacked. To be frank...This sucks. TV-Nihon is not the only group suffering. Pretty much every digital fansubbing group is experiencing this same thing.

However...those constantly checking the website for upates have an answer. We have moved to irc.clockworkbear.org.

I know this is a hassle for everyone to switch servers and figure things out. I really don't like moving the channel either. I hate making this hard on people... We are very sorry.

Also, please understand we're under a great deal of stress due to this situation. If you could refrain from E-Mailing and Private Messaging us until further notice that would be fantastic. We really do appreciate your support, but please stop flooding us ^^;;;

Thank you.

Feb 22, 2004

MIRC-X Update . Due to this we will be looking for a new server. Please read our msg boards for updates.

Feb 19, 2004

As you can see from the top menu, we have added a new section called Toy Reviews. So far, adekii has posted reviews of some of his collections. Please check them out! And yes, as soon as I get Photoshop, I will give this site a better makeover. ( ^^ )


Feb 18, 2004

understandmouth@hotmail.com is selling all kinds of fansubs. Including Sailor Moon live. Give him an email with your feelings on the subject.


Feb 17, 2004

Cho Sei Shin GranSazer episodes 15 and 16 are out on channel servers.


Feb 15, 2004

Sailor Moon Episode 18 is out on channel servers.


Until our sub comes out,you can go spoil yourselves at Japan Hero by watching DekaRanger clips. Remember T-N's sub will be out soon :)

Feb 13, 2004

GranSazer Episode 14 is now on the bt page.


Feb 11, 2004

Cho Sei Shin GranSazer Episode 14 Is out. It is on servers now. Come by the channel to discuss It or any of our other projects.


Feb 8, 2004

I am very pleased to annouce we have the Dekaranger Episode 1 promo subbed and ready to watch. You can download it Right Here


Well not monday yet,but Machine Robo Rescue episodes 36-38 are now out.

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Feb 7, 2004

Machine Robo Rescue episodes 32-35 have been released...WOW,those Rescue workers sure have been busy. And Coming Monday Episodes 36-38 will be out. RELEASE COMPLETE :)

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Feb 5, 2004


Ladies and gentlemen I've been waiting for a moment like this all my life. I'm a godly huge Transformers fan and for years I've drooled at the idea of well subbed Transformers episodes... I never thought I'd be the one doing it...

I am HONORED to present a joint effort between my two homes: WolfPack Productions and TV-Nihon.

While I would have LOVED to've released Transformers Micron Legend (The series that comes before Super Link, chronologically) before Super Link, raw situation last year prevented that... Have faith, though, I will purchase the DVDs and we will be releasing it as soon as we can. When watching Super Link, it's not entirely neccessary to have even seen an episode of Transformers before.

Also...I'd like to officially announce that TV-Nihon has purchased the Region 2 DVD's for Transformers: HeadMasters. This Japanese only series directly follows the end of Transformers as broadcast in America. It picks up right where Season 3 of Generation 1 left off (Conveniently ignoring the three "Rebirth" episodes)

So come to the channel and hang out with us... I only ask that you please do not rag/bash any Transformers in my precense. (Yes, Beast Machines were Transformers too...)

For those of you who think we secretly worship satan in our IRC channel (YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU, MEGA RANGER!) you can click here. Thanks, everyone and we hope to see you somewhere somehow ^_^

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Sailor Moon 17 is on the bt page now.


Feb 4, 2004

Sailor Moon Episode 17 is out. Might take a few days for the bt so... If you want it now come by the channel.