Jul 31, 2004

Well with Otakon in the middle of it's action. So are we this weekend. Just released on bt is Kamen Rider Faiz 10-12 batch torrent as well as Denji Sentai Megaranger Episode 1.

When finished leeching it please stay on and seed. It's hard to do more batch releases when we have to seed the old ones. So to help make sure there are more in the future please stay on and seed the batch torrents.

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Jul 30, 2004

With Otakon weekend just getting started so are we. We've released alongside our partner channel not one but two releases. T-N and WPP bring you Panda Z 16 and Transformers: Masterforce 6.

Also for all the Sailor Moon fans, you thought you had your fix when PGSM 40 was released. You got more excited when 41 was released. Then some of you became estastic when the Actress and Character singles were put on the BT page today. Now we bring you more Sailor Moon for all your Sailor Moon needs. But in order to figure out what it is, I need to bring you to the past a little bit.

Several months ago we announced that we would be subbing Sera Myu's. For those that don't know what it is, it's Sailor Moon musicals. Which are held twice a year during the summer and winter. As a bit of a teaser to doing this we are bringing you something that will fulfill your wants of more Sailor Moon music and give you a small taste of what the musicals will be like. TV-Nihon presents to you Sailor Moon Myu Musical Albums 1 and 2.

As always if you enjoy the albums we encourage you to buy the albums. However Albums 1 and 2 are out of print. So if you are looking to buy copies of the originals, the best place would be to look on Yahoo! Japan.

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Ah, the summer is here. The air is clean. Otakon is occuring. But that's not stopping us from continuing to release things. Right now we've added the PGSM Idol Singers cd to BT as well as the character singles.

The character singles include both vocal tracks (included in Dear, My Friend) and also karoake tracks. The PGSM Idol Singer cd's are maxi singles that were recorded outside their PGSM careers to help promote their career.

So stop on by the channel and get these if you haven't before or visit the bt site.


Jul 28, 2004

Could some one send me the definition of the word "slow"? Since I guess we are so slow we couldn't release PGSM 41 today also... HEY WAIT we did release PGSM 41 today also. BT up and on fservs.


For all of you out there that have been patient and not complained we have released Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 40 for you. For those that have been bitching and whining that we didn't get it out "fast enough" for you,well I have some feces that looks nice :) Bt and Fserv release.


Jul 26, 2004

Hmm.....what's this? It's Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 03 DVD version for all the fans of the show. Is this the end of the week's flood?


With every great show there is usually great music behind it. DekaRanger is no exception to that. So without further delay we bring you not one piece of DekaRanger music but two. The DekaRanger Single and DekaRanger Music File Number #1.

The DekaRanger Single which contains the Opening and Ending along with karoake music for all you sing-alonger's.

Followed up is the DekaRanger Music File Number #1, which is different from DekaRanger Volume 1. Music File Number contains an assortment of music including BGM's for the BGM fans and actual music. There is 34 tracks including the bonus track. Download it to find out what the bonus track is. ;)

All in all the Music File #1 and Deka Single will have you thinking you can take Alienizer's on anyday.

~With this, Case Complete!~

For that didn't realize it after reading the post. Both are released in the channel and are on BT.

Jul 25, 2004

For those that like music we have released Mirai Sentai TimeRanger song collections 1 and 2. Both are on fservs in the irc channel and on the bt page as a batch torrent. If you enjoy the music please consider buying them if you are able.


Jul 24, 2004

Kamen Rider Blade episode 21 is out. YOU BETTER GET IT. Bt and server.

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Jul 23, 2004

Today is a very special day for me... I get to do something I've always wanted to do...

Ladies... AND gentlemen...

I am going to give you all head... twice.

Transformers - The Headmasters: Episode 01
Transformers - The Headmasters: Episode 02

Brought to you by TV-Nihon and WolfPack Productions.


More Transformers.

Super Link 17

Masterforce 05


Hey, everyone~!

Today I will declare as TRANSFORMERS DAY! What does that mean? It means you can get your Cybertron or Destron loving booty into the channel and pick up SUPER LINK 16 and MASTERFORCE 04!

So a Transformers Day for only two episodes? Heh... Patience, young warriors! Our Darkest Hour shall soon be lit!


Jul 22, 2004

Open Up..Your eyes. No wait we finished that series.. OH YEAH. Kamen Rider Blade Episode 20 is out on fservs and the bt page.

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Jul 20, 2004

I've received a few pm's about this on the boards and read about problems elesewhere. If you are having problems playing back TimeRanger 1 or any release. Then read the playback guide on the site. Most of you mentioned using DivX. That is the problem, the releases are done in XviD and require a player other than divx player. Which means mplayer2, BSPlayer, Winamp or any other player mentioned on our help page. Also don't forget to upgrade to XviD 1.0.1 or use FFDShow2004. Links to the exact files are on the help page.



Click here to get it from BT or you can go to any of our channels and be like "WEEEEE~!" and download from any of the fast moving servers there.


Jul 19, 2004

We have just released Mirai Sentai TimeRanger episode 1.It is on servers and on the bt page. This is encoded from an R2 dvd source. With it we add a new staff member to tv-nihon as it's translator. I will leave it to him to introduce himself on the forums later. Now some status updates on other projects:
ZyuRanger - Currently holding on new raw source due to Macrovision issues while translation continues.
MegaRanger - Currently holding on a new raw source. Possible DVD release.Translation continues
GranSazer - Typesetter/Editor currently extremely busy due to involvement with upcoming Otakon convention. Translation continues and progress willresume shortly.
DaiRanger - Typesetter/Editor currently extremely busy due to involvement with upcoming Otakon convention. Translation continues and progress willresume shortly.
Ryuki - Raw source donated by DrKain will not be used due to conflict of interest. Currently awaiting new raw source from friend.
Kuuga - Currently in editing phase and first episode will be released soonsince we just got Region 2 raw source.
So as you can all see we have not given up on any projects as some believe or would have you believe. We are not speed subbers nor do we just rush right out with the lowest quality product. We take our time and put 100% into everything we do.

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Some of you have had issues with the Dekaranger 13 torrent. The torrent had some issues with the database due to the storm. A new torrent is put up on the site and is working now. So if you want to get Deka 13 from BT, you'll have to download the NEW torrent that is up on the page.


Series..Complete. We have released Machine Robo Rescue Episodes 52-53. This is a double ep special. Machine Robo Rescue was our first anime project. It is by no means a "popular" anime with downloaders,but it is dear to our hearts. Near everyone in tv-nihon loves this show. It is one of,if not the best anime's I have ever seen. I want to thank everyone that has taken part in helping sub and release this wonderful series. And for the fans who download we hope you enjoy these final two episodes.

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Jul 18, 2004

Some of you have noticed that the Dekaranger 13 torrent might have problems connecting. This is due in part to the overload it is getting at the moment due to the storms that hit in the area the tracker is being hosted. Just download the torrent, load it and let it sit for awhile. It'll eventually connect. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause.


Jul 17, 2004

Forgot to mention that the BT pages are back up. Reminds me of the days playing Mario and getting my rear handed to me by Bowser. Those were the good 'ole days.
The recent fansub storm has brought in Blade 19. It's released in both the channel and on bt. Stop by the channel and say hi while downloading this ep.

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The Torrent Page is down for a few hours. When it is back up news will be posted here.

Jul 16, 2004

DekaRanger episode 13 is out. WOAH this means we are flooding the net
with even more fansubs. All you people out there who don't like floods
you might try a game of "Monopoly".


Jul 14, 2004

Let's see..Faiz hmm Faiz.. episodes 7-9 are on a batch torrent.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 39 is out. That's right ..It's out. ALL COME INTO THE LIGHT THE LIGHT IS GOOD. The light will lead you to the bt page and the fservs in the channel on irc. ALL COME INTO THE LIGHT.


What day is it today?


Stop by either WPP or TV-Nihon's channel to pick up your copy of PANDA Z 14 today!

Or you can simply click here if you lust for a torrent.

Thanks ^_~

(We're not done with you, BTW)


Jul 13, 2004

Kamen Rider Blade episode 18...I remember when I used to have an atari 2600..hmm those were the days. Playing Krull on my 2600..

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Jul 12, 2004

DekaRanger Episode 12...No wait it's not out. Hey wait YES IT IS! I guess all you impatient people out there have something else to download. Bt and channel release :)


Jul 11, 2004

JUDGEMENT: we have been found guilty of releasing DekaRanger episode 11. Further we are guility of having it both on the BT page and on servers.


Machine Robo Rescue Episode 51 is out. I can't believe it's almost over. Machine Robo Rescue has been a favorite of near everyone in tv-nihon. Just one more MRR release coming soon. Episode 51 is out on the bt page and on fservs.

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Jul 10, 2004



Bit Torrent Tracker and Pages: BACK UP! :D

You can get Masterforce 3 and all four new Panda Z episodes in the IRC Channels or on the Bit Torrent Page~!

Quick Note: Ktdata, the Panda Z typesetter, just wanted to make sure I informed everyone that we are CAUGHT UP on Panda Z...Until 14 airs in a few short hours XD



Transformers: Masterforce episode 3 released to the IRC Channel. We have more goodies to come but since we're having some technical difficulties with the BT page we thought we'd just release this one for right now. Come get it in either channel from #TV-Nihon and #WolfPackProductions. I've got the torrent ready to go as soon as the BT Site comes back up plus stay tuned for more updates. >:D


The bt page is down for now. It will be back up later.

Jul 9, 2004

Kamen Rider Blade episode 17.. Hey wait,a release.. We OMG THE FLOOD THE FLOOD..THE FLOOD OF FANSUBS.. It is washing Blade ep17 up on the irc servers and the bt page RUN FOR YOUR LIVES...

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Jul 8, 2004

Many of you have downloaded the show. Many of you have asked about the single. And many of you love the opening theme. What show am I talking about? Panda Z of course. The Panda Z (also called Voyager Single) single brought to you by some of T-N's Members favorite Jam Project. So stop by the irc channel or you can visit the bt page and download this single. For those that haven't seen Panda Z be sure to visit our channel or our partner's channel or their website and download it.


Machine Rescue Robo 50 is now up on the BT page.

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Machine Rescue Robo Episode 50 is ready for download in the channel. So stop by on irc and visit us and download this episode. BT will be up shortly.

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For those that haven't looked at the bt page. The torrent for Blade 16 is up and ready to go.

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Jul 7, 2004

WPP and TV-Nihon have teamed up to bring you another great show, Mazinger Z. For those that loved Panda Z, you should check out this episode. Episode 1 is released in the channel or you can do the bt thing and get it here.

Also we've released another episode of Kamen Rider Blade. Episode 16 is now available in the channel. A BT will be up later tonight for those that want to get it via bt.

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Jul 6, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 38 AND Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD Episode 2 have both been released. They are both on fservs in the irc channel and on the BT page.


Let's see...We released something else..OH YEAH Transformers Super Link episode 15. You can come to our irc channel or our buddies over at the Wolf Pack Productions channel. Or you can click here and do the torrent thing. Between us..More is coming tonight HENSHIN


Panda Zeto!

Yay! More Panda Z! We've released 6-9 with our friends at WPP. You can find a link to their BT site where you can download the files here. Or we urge you to stop by our IRC channel~!

Take off, Panda Zeto~!


Jul 5, 2004

Transformers: Master Force Episode 2 has been released. You can either come by our channel or stop by our friends at Wolf Pack Productions channel for a download. You can also follow This Link to get the torrent.


Blade 15 is now released to fservs in the IRC channel.

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Jul 4, 2004

Kamen Rider Blade 15 is out. For the next 24 hours it is BT only. Meaning if you want it you will have to get it from the bt page.

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Panda Z 4 and 5 are both out. Also we are as of today dropping New Getter Robo. It was licsensed by Geneon at a recent anime convention. Thank you.



We've released *EVEN MORE* Panda Z!!! That's right! Get episodes 2 and 3 from the channel or bit torrent HERE.


More WPP birthday fun! Right now I'm bringing you a NEW SHOW!!! We, along with our friends in WPP, absolutely love Transformers... THAT'S WHY WE'VE TEAMED UP TO BRING YOU EVERY TRANSFORMER SERIES NEVER SHOWN IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now... We intended to release Transformers: The Headmasters along with this but it didn't quite make it yet... And since this was already done we decided to go ahead and GO~!

TV-Nihon and WolfPack Productions proudly present to you TRANSFORMERS: MASTERFORCE. One of the three continuing series from back in the 80's about those exciting robots that are able to switch and convert their bodies into vehicles, animals and other fine WEAPONS OF MASS COOLNESS, Masterforce is an exciting tale of brave humans teaming up with noble warriors from the planet Seibertron. Anyway, it's from the 80's. It's awesome. It's available NOW!


Jul 3, 2004

Yo! To celebrate the birthday of WPP (Two years old XD) we're releasing episode 1 of one of a few new shows that you'll know more about soon. :D

Stop by the channel or the BT page to pick up your copy of PANDA Z! Thank you~! (This isn't the last you've heard of me today :D)

Oh yeah, and happy 4th of July to all US people and a belated Canada day to all our friends up north~
For those of you who were having problem with the Faiz 4-6 torrent [or possibly any other torrent, not sure if others were affected] it was because of a power outage that affected parts of the bt site. The problems are fixed now and you should be able to download without problems.

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Jul 1, 2004

BT page is back up.
Torrent page is down for upgrade. Be back up soon.
Kamen Rider Blade episode 14 is out. It is on many fservs on irc and is up on the BT page. Please remember to keep seeding after your bt download is done to help all the fans.

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