Nov 29, 2004

Please stop emailing us asking if we are going to sub the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special act. We have stated time and again that we are. Any emails sent about this issue will be deleted.


And just when you thought we couldn't possibly put out more Super Link...

Transformers: Super Link 44
Transformers: Super Link 45


OMG! Taking a break from World of Warcraft to bring you some news!

Kamen Rider Blade - Episode 38
Kamen Rider Blade - Episode 39
Chou Sei Shin GranSazer - Episode 48


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Nov 26, 2004

Alright! Got a special sort of episode tonight. Over the past twenty years there have been a lot of different Transformers series. So many, in fact, that they've accumulated a total of over 500 episodes. To celebrate that there is a special 500th episode of Super Link. If you're a casual viewer this is something that you will NOT see on American Television. It's a one shot "special" that fits in between episode 43 and episode 44. So check it out, yo~!

Super Link Special 500th Episode!

Also, we've got some more goodies...

Kamen Rider Blade - Episode 37
Chou Sei Shin GranSazer - Episode 47



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Nov 23, 2004

Kamen Rider Chou Sei Shin Blade episode 36 is out. No no way a minute. Just Kamen Rider Blade Episode 36. :)

Kamen Rider Blade 36

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Let's see..hmmm... SOUCHAKU HAHHAHAHAHA GranSazer 46.

Chou SeiShin GranSazer 46


More Cho Sei Shin Goodness today. Episode 45.

Chou Sei Shin GranSazer 45


Nov 22, 2004

Chou Sei Shin GranSazer episode 44 is now out. OMG OMG OMG ANOTHER GS EP WHAT EVER SHALL YOU DOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... Bt and fservs.

Chou Sei Shin GranSazer Episode 44


Nov 21, 2004

To all of you say stuff like "They should release more Blade and Deka" well you can just K*** M* A**. We release things as they get done. And since GranSazer 43 is done we are releasing that :)Stop by irc for fserv goodness or hit the bt page.

Chou Sei Shin GranSazer 43

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I can't think of anything funny to say sooooo... Cho Sei Shin GranSazer Episode 42 is out. Fserv and Bt.

Chou Sei Shin GranSazer ep42


We have something to release today. What could it be, what could it be. OH YEAH... Chou Sei Shin GranSazer ep41. You can get it from many great fservs on irc or through the bt page. More GS later today.

Chou Sei Shin GranSazer 41


Nov 20, 2004

So. I guess you're probably expecting me to tell you we've released something. Well... we have... I don't know if anybody knows about this show since it's been a while since we've released some episodes of it but... here you go~

Chou Sei Shin GranSazer - Episode 39
Chou Sei Shin GranSazer - Episode 40

Look forward to it!


Nov 19, 2004

GranSazer 38 is now on the torrent page. Some people might have problems connecting to the BT page. We are aware of an issue and are working to rectify it.


Whoa, Super Link landslide today. Someone must really want us to catch up on it. XD So here's

Transformers: Super Link 39
Transformers: Super Link 40
Transformers: Super Link 41
Transformers: Super Link 42 and
Transformers: Super Link 43.

I hope you have a spare hard drive. ^_^


Chou Sei Shin GranSazer episode 38 has been released. For now it is an irc fserv only release. Our bt pages are going through some downtime. They will be back up later and I will let you all know when.


Nov 16, 2004

Tonight we bring you another GranSazer episode. Keep an eye out for more soon :)

Cho Sei Shin GranSazer 37


Nov 15, 2004

WOW... Blade sure is kicking into high gear. So today we bring you Kamen Rider Blade episode 35. Check out the bt page or the irc channel.

Blade 35

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Nov 14, 2004

Hey, everybody, much like we did with the first 15 episodes of Panda Z here are the last 15 episodes of Panda Z in one convenient batch torrent. It fits on just one CD and two CD's fit niceley in, uh... a CD case I guess. ^_^

Panda Z The Robonimation - Episodes 16-30 (Plus the little extra~)


Today we bring you Chou Sei Shin GranSazer Episode 36,and you people thought more would never come. Also today we are releasing the DekaRanger Character Song Collection. This one we give special thanks to Salem for ripping it for us. You can come by the irc channel for fserv downloads or try the bt page.

GranSazer 36
DekaRanger Character Songs

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Nov 12, 2004

Tonight, should you download and view the following three episodes, you'll come to quickly understand just why Transformers has been around for more than twenty years. Also, if you like furries, Daniel and Wheelie then you'll love the last release we have tonight...if not, uh, well... the next episode has a big battle with gestalt teams! Anyway... TV-Nihon and WolfPack Productions are very proud to give you...

Transformers: Super Link - Episode 36
Transformers: Super Link - Episode 37
Transformers: Super Link - Episode 38
Transformers: The Headmasters - Episode 05


Nov 9, 2004

...and now for something COMPLETELY different!

It doesn't matter if you're an anime fan or a tokusatsu fan or a fan of everything. Chances are pretty good you know who JAM Project are. For those that don't, google is your friend. What we have here is the third JAM Project concert but the first to be released on DVD. We thought we'd share it with everyone considering how much we all love this band. So here it is...

JAM Project: Return to the Chaos LIVE CONCERT!

Just in case you need further reason to download this very awesome concert (Yes, it's a bit large but it's about 40 seconds shy of TWO HOURS!) here's the list of songs you'll find and from where they came from.

01. Skill (PS2 2nd Super Robo War Alpha OP)
02. CRUSH GEAR FIGHT! (TVa "Gekitou Crush Gear T OP)
03. FIRE WARS (OVA "Mazinkaiser" OP)
04. FREEDOM (Best Album 2 "Freedom")
05. Go Go Rescue (TVA "Machine Robo Rescue" OP
06. March of the Rescue Hero (TVA "Machine Robo Rescue" ED)
07. Little Wing (TVa "Scrapped Princess" OP)
08. In the Chaos (TVa "Galaxy Angel" Last episode ED)
09. The Gate of the Hell (OVA Mazinkaiser "Battle to the Death! Ankoku Daishogun" OP)
10. Senshi Yo Nemure!!/Sleep now soldiers (OVA Mazinkaiser "Battle to the Death! Ankoku Daishogun" ED)
11. Mazinkaiser Kenzan!!/Mazinkaiser appears!! (OVA Mazinkaiser "Battle to the Death! Ankoku Daishogun" Insertion Song)
12. DESTINATION (PS2 "Sunrise World War ED)
13. FOREVER & EVER (PS2 2nd Super Robo War Alpha ED)
14. DAYS~Bokura no mirai~/~Our future~ (Best Album 2 "Freedom")
15. Nageki no Rozario/Rosary of Lament (TVA "ChouJuuShin Gravion" OP)
16. SOULTAKER (tva "The Soultaker" OP)
17. Hagane no kyuuseishu/Messiah of Steel (PS2 Super Robo War Alpha Side Story OP)
18. GO! (PS2 "Super Robo Wars IMPACT OP)
19. Ai da yo ne!!~Gear wo tsnagou"/It's love right?! Connect the Gear (TVa "Gekitou Crush Gear T ED)
20. Skill (PS2 2nd Super Robo War Alpha OP)

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Today we bring you Kamen Rider Blade episode 34. This is the BIG one. Make sure you download it today. We have it up on the bt page and on fservs.

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Nov 8, 2004

Weather's getting stormy, but fear not, because the only flood you have to worry about here is a flood of Transformers. (Super Link that is.)

Transformers: Super Link 32
Transformers: Super Link 33
Transformers: Super Link 34
Transformers: Super Link 35


Nov 7, 2004

Nov 6, 2004

Well... It's with sad regret that I say goodbye to one of my favourite shows we've had the pleasure to work on. It stars quite possibly the greatest and bravest hero of any of the shows we do and now it's time to say goodbye...

So with heavy heart I bring you the last episode of PANDA Z!

Panda Z - Episode 30 (With a special extra on the end~)

Also, please note that the "extra" says "To Be Continued" but the "Extra" was part of a preview for the series so it was really supposed to be seen before episode 1... ^_^;


Nov 5, 2004

My Grandfather: May 3rd 1911 to November 5th 2004. The person who raised me,taught me much, he will be missed.

Nov 1, 2004


It's MONDAY and it's NOVEMBER. Two gloom-filled reasons to stay inside tonight and watch some new episodes of some awesome shows.

Transformers The Headmasters - Episode 04
Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger - Episode 20
Chou Sei Shin GranSazer - Episode 35

Please remember to seed~ ^_^

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