Feb 28, 2005

We have a great music release for you tonight. Super Sentai Spirits Live 2004. This is alot of the sentai op songs from Goranger to DekaRanger sung live. And a bonus video that will own you all. Irc and bt.

Super Sentai Spirits Live

Feb 25, 2005

JustiRisers episode 8 is now up on the bt page. You can download the torrent here.

JustiRisers 8 Torrent


Feb 24, 2005

Got one more for tonight.. JustiRisers episode 8. This is an irc fserver only release till tomorrow morning. Enjoy.


First off as alot of you have seen our bt page has shrunk. We have batched up a bunch of completed series such as PGSM and MRR and Faiz. Others have been batched up as well. We did this to help out our bt host. Those of you that don't like it please keep it to yourself. Any email about this will be deleted. And anyone that makes forum posts will be banned from the forums. With that said we are releasing DekaRanger episode 27. It is on the bt page and on fservs in the irc channel.

DekaRanger 27

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Some big changes are going on with our bt page. It might go up and down, I will give more news as things change. DO NOT EMAIL us or Post in our forums about this.
Let's kick off another day of releases starting with Ryuki episode 4. Enjoy.

Kamen Rider Ryuki 4

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Feb 23, 2005

Tonight we are proud to present Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 1. This is the first episode of the new Kamen Rider series. It takes the Kamen Rider series of shows in a totaly new direction and it is very amazing please enjoy.

Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 1


And now for some Ryuki goodness. Kamen Rider Ryuki episode 3. Download from the bt page or come by the irc channel.

Ryuki 3

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And today we have another Magical Moment. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Episode 2. It's up on the bt page and on fservs in the irc channel.

Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Episode 2


Feb 22, 2005

And coming right up on the night of TransFormers we have Galaxy Force Episode 7. The bt page is back up so both MF28 and GF7 are ready on the bt page.

MasterForce 28

Galaxy Force 7


Kicking off a night of Transformers releases we bring you Master Force 28. This is an irc release only right now as our BT page is undergoing some maintenance. It will be back up later.


Feb 21, 2005

And now for something a little different... JustiRisers episode 7. Tonight has been fun. I for one am having a great time :)

JustiRisers 7


Feb 20, 2005

Tonight we take you into a journey of the unknown...A Journey of magic...Tv-nihon is proud to present, Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 1. Please enjoy this release as much as we all do. Episode 2 coming next week :)

Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Ep1 Torrent


Feb 17, 2005

Lets see what we can summon up this afternoon.... How about JustiRisers episode 6.

JustiRisers 6


Feb 16, 2005

And now something for all us Transformers fans, Galaxy Force episode 6.

Galaxy Force ep 06


Kamen Rider Kuuga episode 2 is ready for your viewing pleasure. Irc and BT.

Kuuga 2


Feb 12, 2005

Let's continue the weekend of sentai releases with DekaRanger 26. This is a big ep... New Mecha Combo :)

DekaRanger 26 Torrent


The weekend kicks off with OMG NO WAY That's right Gosei Sentai DaiRanger episode 7. Let this be a lesson to those of you that ASSume we drop things without warning. More releases coming soon.

DaiRanger 7


Feb 10, 2005

The BT page is back up so here is the Torrent for DekaRanger 25.

DekaRanger 25


DekaRanger episode 25 is ready and waiting to be downloaded. For right now it is irc only until our BT page is back up.


Feb 9, 2005

Got one more release for today, it's a a Galaxy Force Special and more :) There is some very nice stuff after the Galaxy Force portion.

Galaxy Force Special
Let's keep the release day rolling with an Episode of Galaxy Force.

Transformers Galaxy Force Episode 5


Let's kick off a full release day with DekaRanger 24. enjoy.

DekaRanger 24


Feb 5, 2005

Let's kick off the weekend with a fun filled ep with friends, food, and games of death.. YuGiOh Episode 2.

YuGiOh Episode 2

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Feb 4, 2005

Well how about a nooner..And it's a good one, Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode 2. Come by the irc channel to download and discuss or for you anti-social people you can do the bt thing.

Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 2

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Feb 2, 2005

Got some music for you all tonight, the JustiRisers Op Single. Great music here.

JustiRisers Op Single


A message from Takenoko:
Some despicable fellow from the genvid forums took our pgsm translations (as well as other people's works), copied them, and put them in ssa form.

Interestingly enough, mcavity (a friend of uso/molly/moll from cvme/solarmiracle) has these scripts.

Anyway, someone put them up on bittorrent for people to download, without our permission.

This is a terrible thing to do, stealing all the hard work that others put into those scripts. We specifically told the guy who did this that we did not want our translations released in this format. He completely disregarded our wishes and posted them anyway.

It wouldn't be surprising if CVME is behind it, I mean, what can you expect from a "fansub" group whose works consist mainly of stolen, reedited scripts.

In any case, this is a terrible violation. If you're a Sailor moon fan and know who's responsible for this, we'd greatly appreciate if you

A) Tell off the people responsible
B) Let us know who did it so that we can explain (yet again) how morally reprehensible it is to do this sort of thing. We're not paid to do all this work, we just do this for the fun of it, and when someone does this, it takes away the joy in fansubbing

This was no fan helping other fans kind of thing. It was a deliberate attack on TN and its members. In the rar was a picture of what looked like a Ranger flicking you off. It's the kind of childishness that you would expect from CVME (who start projects just to "get" TN).

You can read the post and reply to it in our forums here