Mar 27, 2005

And now for our final release of the weekend... Ultraman Nexus 8.

Nexus 8



Quick, buy some toys!

Transformers: Galaxy Force - SECRET FILE (THE SEQUEL OMG!)


Is everyone having fun? *Waves to cobb* Time for some more Nexus.

Ultraman Nexus 7


So... here we go. The episode just about everyone has been waiting for. Sorry it took so long. Someone thought it'd be funny to stick it in an egg and make us find it before we could release it.



We hope people out there are having a happy Easter and if you don't do Easter have a happy day :) Let's start today with... Nexus 6.

Ultraman Nexus 6


Let's see..hmm..what do I have for release now.. HEY I KNOW...

Ultraman Nexus 5


Mar 26, 2005

Let's have some more of our BIG NEXUS WEEKEND... Heh anyway.. UltraMan Nexus episode 4 is ready.

Nexus 4


It is a very sad day when another group steals the work put into a fansub. But it is a sad fact that Mishicorp has taken the hard work we put into MagiRanger episode 6 and near copied it word for word. Details can be found in Takenoko's post in our forums here and pictures.


Kicking off the weekend of Nexus is... Nexus 3 is ready. What is Nexus? It is that UltraMan thingy :P

Nexus 3


Mar 21, 2005

We started off this flood of releases with a Transformers show so let's keep it going with another Transformers show, MasterForce 29.

Transformers MasterForce 29


Let's keep on going with these releases. Tonight we have JustiRisers episode 13. Those plates just keeping going BOOM.

JustiRisers 13


Is the flood of subs to the net over with for the weekend? Everyone thought so, but tonight we bring you Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Stage 6. For all the Wolzard fans out there you will love this ep a lot. We put a lot of work into this ep, even had to encode it twice because the first one wasn't as good as we could do and we do everything possible to bring you the best quality fansubs on the net. So don't settle anything for less.

Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Stage 6


Mar 20, 2005

And now for something we have been working on for a while now. This new show is an amazing anime that has some voice actors from Machine Robo Rescue. This project is a labor of love for all involved. The release is for Onmyou Taisenki episode 1. This anime is just simply amazing.

Onmyou Taisenki 1

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Day three of our weekend of releases continues with MagiRanger episode 5. More coming tonight.

MagiRanger 5


Mar 19, 2005

To continue the weekend with releases I thought we would release the Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger Koro-Chan Pack #2. This set features 6 songs from DekaRanger. In about another year or two we'll release more. For those wondering DekaRanger Volume 1 is the same thing as DekaRanger Koro-chan Pack #1. So we didn't skip it or anything. Just when we released it I used volume instead of Koro-chan pack. More DekaRanger music to come and to all the nay sayers out that that want to complain its only 6 songs, then all I have to say to you is shut up and don't download it.

DekaRanger Koro-chan Pack #2
Let's continue the weekend with another episode of JustiRisers. JustiRisers 12 is ready.

JustiRisers 12 torrent


Mar 18, 2005

All you fansub haters out there can just eat me. And for you fansub fans we have another fun release for you, JustiRisers episode 11.

JustiRisers 11


DaiRanger 8 is ready. No more for 10zillion years.

DaiRanger 8


Let's kick off a weekend of releases with Transformers Galaxy Force episode 10. Lots more coming soon!

Galaxy Force Episode 10


Mar 15, 2005

I'm getting high on the puff puff magical gas tonight so lets release something totaly groovy. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Stage 4.. Like totaly far out and stuff.

MagiRanger 4


It seems the admins at Japan Hero are using their time to bad mouth us. I have recieved some emails about this and while I am thankful for the support there is no need. Japan Hero is a good site for information on Tokusatsu and other japanese related shows, but their managment really needs to grow up. That is all I have to say on this matter and now I am going back to fansubbing some stuff.

Mar 14, 2005

In April Shibuya 15 dvds are coming out and we are going to be subbing the show from the R2's. We will be giving this show our best as we do in all our projects. As a special ahead of time release we have for you the Shibuya 15 mini album. We hope you all enjoy it and remember don't settle for 2nd best when it comes to toku fansubs.

Shibuya 15 Mini Album


Mar 13, 2005

Let's continue this fun day of releases with JustiRisers episode 10.

JustiRisers 10


And now for some music. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Op/end single. I love the MagiRanger music.

MagiRanger Op/End Single


How about we release episode 2 of UltraMan Nexus today? Well I don't care if you don't want it you'll take it and like it. Nexus 2 is ready.

UltraMan Nexus 2


Mar 12, 2005

Tonight we have something I have been waiting to see subbed for a while now, UltraMan Nexus episode 1. This is the first episode of the currently running UltraMan series. We hope you enjoy it.

UltraMan Nexus Episode 1


Mar 9, 2005

So Mount Saint Helens is heating up or whatever. Too bad there's no ancient space craft resting at it's bottom with lifeless mechanical alien beings from a far away planet ready to reactivate and restart their long civil war on our planet... *sigh* A guy can dream though, right?


Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 09


Mar 7, 2005

And one more for today.. YuGiOh episode 3. Torrent and IRC.

YuGiOh epsisode 3

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Lets kick off the day with MagiRanger... This is the corrected version and we hope you all enjoy it. Let me just say this though, you people wondering and guessing why we pulled it yesterday GIVE ME A BREAK! We put in the news yesterday the reason why. So please just cut the naysaying allready. Those of you whining and complaining please get lives. Those that waited patiently for this fixed release we thank you for your wait.

MagiRanger Episode 3


Mar 6, 2005

Two issues in translation were found with MagiRanger episode 3. We are pulling the release and doing a re-encode with the fixed scripts.


Let's beging this magical day with a magical sentai, Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 3 is ready. You can grab the torrent or hit the irc channel.


Mar 3, 2005

Let me make something CRYSTAL clear, we are leaving the series batches how they are on the bt page. There is no use emailing us or the bt trackers host about it. Doing so will just be a waste of your time. Here are the options you have:

1.Get a good BT client that allows you to pick the order of the files you download. Anyone that uses any Torrent page that doesn't have an up to date bt client that allows this needs to get one.

2.Don't use the BT page.

These are your options. Any future emails about this as I have stated before will be deleted and ignored. Don't email us about it and don't email the Bt tracker host about it. Some of you have used the excuse, "My Hard Drive isn't big enough for those full series batches", for you people saying these see option number 1 above. That is all.

Mar 2, 2005

Just as King promised we've got something else for you!

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 08!

Watch the Cybertrons cosplay~!

As always, stay tuned as you never know what we'll pop up with next. ^_^


Kicking off the night we are releasing the TransFormers Galaxy Force Op/End single. This is both the opening and ending songs to Galaxy Force. More coming in a few hours, enjoy.

Galaxy Force Op/End Single


Mar 1, 2005

Justirisers 9 is ready. download it now.

Justirisers 9