Oct 31, 2007

Review: Zoids Genesis

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T-N's first dabble into the Zoids series. The story is essentially about a small group of characters and their vital role in this epic battle against a seemingly unstoppable empire. It's a war story and it shows many of the ugly aspects of it. However, this realism is what makes it so satisfying to watch the good guys when they are victorious.

Being a Zoids series, there's a wide variety of awesome CGI mechanical beasts piloted by a variety of characters. The main character is a brilliant but idealistic and naive boy who slowly gets dragged further and further into the war. He travels with an old man and his niece, who slowly teach him about the terrible dangers lurking outside his peaceful village. They are later joined by a beautiful mysterious woman (who keeps weapons concealed all over her body), a gorilla of a man, and an enigmatic man who obviously knows more than he lets on. Finally there's the rival, a young, arrogant, talented man who takes a dangerous interest in the protagonist.

It's a long series, but it's quite satisfying to watch once the heroes start gaining ground against the enemy. The setting is the wild and alien landscape of post-apocolptic world, Planet ZI. The music can be eerie or mystical sounding, depending on the mood. "Flag of the Hawk" by a group whose name escapes my mind is very catching, and I also like the ending, even if I'm in the minority.

Anyway, the story is good enough so that I would recommend this to even non-mecha fans.


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KR Kuuga 1-4 batch up

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Unearthed from the tomb deep in T-N's vaults. New hero new legend!

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Oct 30, 2007


Thanks to nice guys Manabu and Raaen, MRR and Zoids Genesis batches are up. No seeds yet, but I might seed what I can of the second batch later. If you wait long enough, a seed always shows up.

I also notice we're missing Kuuga. Can I get that and Sazer-X batches now? Thanks!

Please resume files for batches rather than starting over. Start the batch, copy over any partially complete files into that folder, then restart the torrent. The files should resume from where you left out. Please do not start from scratch since that wastes resources

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Torrents rebuilding, almost 100% done

Still need the following series:

Zoids Genesis: 19+

Sazer-X: All of it

It also might be worth batching up MRR since the episodes are already beginning to get unseeded. Can someone do a DVD size batch of the series with the promo in the first batch and Mugenbine in the last?

Don't forget to help seed, if you enjoyed a show, why not show some love by giving it to strangers?

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Oct 27, 2007

GekiRanger 31 released

Geki Status changed to: Geki 32 not released yet! Informative!


Oct 26, 2007

DVD rereleases, do people know about them?

Just something I've been wondering about the DVD rereleases, do people not know about them if they're not labeled (DVD) in the torrent name?

Transformers Galaxy Force ep 1 (DVD) has 1786 completes
Kamen Rider 555 01 (DVD) has 1072 completes

Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 1 707
Kamen Rider Blade 1 657
Kamen Rider Hibiki 1 417

I mean, Deka, Blade, and Hibiki are also DVD releases with translation fixes, better encoding and everything too. Blade and Hibiki are particularly worth downloading because they're now in 704x396 resolution (before they were in 640x360 I think). But yeah, all five of them are DVD releases, even though the last three aren't labeled as such.

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Oct 24, 2007

Cutie Honey the Live 1 released

Check out our new show

Warning, may contain naughty female bits

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Oct 23, 2007

Nihon Commercials Part 4 released

Machine Robo Mugenbine

Machine Robo Rescue 52-53

And the countdown is over. Here on #tv-nihon's fifth birthday is the last episodes of MRR.

Unfortunately this was left out on the DVD release. But this really is the real ending to Machine Robo Rescue, and sort of acts as an epilogue to the show.


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#tv-nihon is Five Years Old today

I'm sure most of you have noticed certain unexplainable phenomenons pertaining to this old gal we call #tv-nihon. Indeed, for an event as mathematically favorable as the number five, something special must be done! And so, we have gathered ghosts from history's past to help us celebrate this day, for they give us hope or some junk like that.

It's pretty amazing how many accomplishments TN has made. Machine Robo Rescue was our first major anime. Kamen Rider Faiz was what really marked us on the map in the toku fandom. Deka was our first Super Sentai. Galaxy Force was a Transformers anime that followed Super Link. This doesn't even count the Jdorma and other misc kinds of things we've subbed. Our group kind of exists between fandoms, our staff our fans of our shows, and we're fans of our own work. For the fans by the fans.

By gazing backwards upon our rich history, let that give us power and strength to take reinvigorated steps forward towards the unavoidable future ahead of us.

Let's face it, five years is a long time for a fansub group to stay together. Thank you to everyone who's helped bring #tv-nihon to this point. Here's to another five years.

Celebrate with us here

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Oct 22, 2007

KR Den-O 36 released

MRR 51 released

Oct 21, 2007

MRR 50 released

A great show!

Talk about it here.


Oct 20, 2007

MRR 49 and TF Galaxy Force 1 released

Regarding complaints about KR DVD release 2

> I learn tonight that takenoko totaly fucked over kt with the blade dvd versions. KT tsed the entire blade tv series. And they didn't even go to him to help with the dvd versions.
> It's really pathetic how those people bad mouthed kt's old work on Blade when they were screwing him out of working on the dvd versions.

I feel the need to point out that this is actually a second DVD release. One that's 704x396 and with fixed translations since I was left out of the process when the original DVD release was done. And no one insulted kt's work as a typesetter. This is just a case of someone blowing something way out of hand

Several small torrents up

First we've got the MagiRanger last batch up. It's one of my favorite Sentai series, so I highly recommend grabbing that if you haven't already.

Then we've also got the Galaxy Force promo (no reason)

And finally we have the aptly timed Machine Robo Rescue promo. Because... putting the promo as bonus footage on the last DVD of the series makes total sense. Really.

Anyway, here's Starscream:
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Oct 19, 2007

KR Hibiki 1 released... part 2!

Hibiki 1 recalled

D'oh d'oh d'oh


Hibiki & Deka batches are up, no seeds :/

I've put up the Hibiki and Deka batches, and am hoping someone will seed them. Check out the new DVD release of Hibiki 1 while you're at it.

If you have the files and don't mind sharing some of your bandwidth, we can always use seeds. I've created an (extremely) cursory guide for seeding here


KR Hibiki 1 released

Ohayo! Ohayo! Good morning!

Kamen Rider Hibiki enjoys the position of either being poo pooed by the hardcore rider fans or celebrated as a storytelling accomplishment that involves tokusatsu action. Either way, it's an interesting work as a drama that depicts modern Japanese life in contrast with it's mythological past.

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Need Magi and other torrents badly

I really need a last batch for MagiRangers badly. It should contain the movie, Magi vs deka, MagiRed vs MagiShine special, and anything else Magi related that wasn't included in the first two batches.

Also needed Zoids batches 2 and 3, Sazer-X complete series, Hibiki batches 2-3, and of course Magi, as listed above.

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Oct 18, 2007

Kamen Rider Blade 1 released

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Despite the wackiness of the card theme and the slow story start, I think Blade is still my favorite show story and character wise. Everything in the show had a purpose that fit together, the power ups were logical, and it stayed true to the framework of the world that it sets up.

Also, Faiz 1 DVD rerelease was our 1500th released. I can't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate T-N's fifth year than to start with one of our first projects.

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MRR 47 released

Oct 17, 2007

MRR 46 and DekaRanger 1 released

Be sure to check out the MRR splash for 46. It talks about Apollo Robo and why he doesn't exist.

We'd also like to present #tv-nihon's first complete Sentai series, Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger. This show had everything to me. Intriguing characters, great designs for both suits, equipment, and mecha. Amusing stories and some of the best Sentai music that I've heard. Psychic Lover sings their opening as well as some of the interim songs, which really made some of the episodes as great or as exciting as they were.
Comments here
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Oct 16, 2007

Kamen Rider Faiz 1 released

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Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present the first Kamen Rider by Tv-nihon. Kamen Rider Faiz. I hope a lot of you guys will check this show out. Check out that dark drama and hi-tech rider action.
Talk about our brand new show here

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Den-O 26.5

This is a little somethin'-somethin' that could be considered either shiny or a leg bone, your choice.

Talk about it here.

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MRR 45 released

MegaRanger 06 released


I don't really have that many MegaRanger pics, so here's screencaps of MegaRed from when he guest starred on Den-O

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Oct 15, 2007

MRR 44 released

Ultraseven X 2 released

Oct 14, 2007

Repost Gaiking batch 2

MRR 43 released

Oct 13, 2007

MRR 42 released

Oct 12, 2007

Den On!

MRR 41 released

Oct 11, 2007

MRR 40 released

Oct 10, 2007

MegaRanger 5 released

MRR 39 released

Oct 9, 2007

MRR 38 released


Again, still looking for timers. Pretty please? It'll make stuff come out faster (maybe?) {More pretimed scripts don't guarantee faster releases, but they'll get the balls rolling}


Timers needed

Yup, it's that time again. We need timers for shows like Mebius, Mega, etc. Send me a forum PM (takenoko) with your contact info and how much timing experience you have. Thanks!


Install this!

MegaRanger 4 released for your viewing pleasure! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring this release out.


Oct 8, 2007

MRR 36 released (yesterday) and 37 released (today)

MRR 36 released
MRR 37 released

We're almost to the end!


KR Den-O 34 released

Oct 7, 2007

Something new

UltraSeven X 1 released

Thanks to Grospelina for editing and Sand-man for typesetting and making the very nice splash screen for it.

Will this series be as beloved as the original series?


Oct 6, 2007

Go Go! Go Nagai World TWO!

And now our heroes travel to Mazinger world. Just what kind of crazy antics will our super deformed fellows get into this time?


MRR 35 released

MRR 34 released

Oct 4, 2007

MRR 33 released

If you care about MRR as a show with a reoccuring story, you probably don't want to miss this episode


Review: Gaiking (restored torrent also up)

Thanks to Magil for providing and seeding the first batch of Gaiking Legend of Daiku Maryu

Everyone's heard the story before. Boy goes to another world to fight bad guys in a giant robot, why watch this? Well, to me the super robot genre is about faithfully following the formula, while keeping it entertaining and fresh. No one will say Gaiking had a groundbreaking story, but it was fun to watch, and that was the whole point of the journey.

There certainly is a main story (young Tsuwabuki Daiya is a quirky kid who suddenly becomes pilot of the mecha combining flame giant Gaiking. He goes to the other world, Darius, to search for his dad, while helping a band of rebels fight the treacherous Darius Emperor) but I think what most people will remember about this show is the funny little things that made it amusing.

The show never takes itself seriously, and there are plenty of gag episodes to prove it. I mean, the ship is a giant dragon with a huge skull head. Running the ship's engine room is Shizuka, basically a maid whose eyes you never actually see. One of the pilot's is Puria Richardson (who the protagonist refers to as Richard-san) and she has these three bumblers as followers.

So watch the show for the story, but the main brunt of the show is the character interactions, and top it off with a giant mecha that fires its fists, shoots hooks from its shoulders, and has a giant flame breathing skull for a body for the icing on the cake.

Misc Notes:
Daiya is voiced by One Piece Luffy's voice actress
Psychic Lover of DekaRanger and Transformers Micron fame sings two of the theme songs

Check it out, it's a fun show

Forum topic on Gaiking

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MRR 32 released

Oct 3, 2007

GekiRanger 30 released

Talk about it here

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Check out the picture ehmar did for this episode. Doesn't Wolf look evil when lined up to the other Rangers?


MRR 31 released

Den-O comic update

Oct 2, 2007

KR The Next (and other) trailers

Trailers for Inazuma, DenO, Geki, The Next


Oct 1, 2007

MRR 30 released