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Kamen Rider W movie

Wasn't it crazy how Philip thought Maria was Shroud? What a plot

Movie Discussion Thread

Hmmm, whatever did happen with Shroud?

Donation Drive Complete!

Thanks to a fan for double donating to complete our donation drive! I know it's kind of a weird year to be asking for so much, but sometimes that's just how much the materials cost to run the site.

I especially appreciated the donations that came with messages of encouragement. I always love hearing from fans and learning about where you're from or what series you started with, etc. Hope to see you guys on the forums and if not, hope you guys are still enjoying the stuff we're still putting out.

Thank you to our donators and thank you to our fans!


Kyuusei Sentai Wakusaver Season 2 Ep 2 released

With Toei being off this week, why not check out some GIGA toku?

Thread / Wiki

Ryusoulger Legend of Master's Soul 01 discussion thread

Did anyone else see this? I was pretty surprised. Discuss below!

Discussion Thread / Wiki

Begun the Rider Wars has

Post from Luna:


NHK did a giant poll with half a million votes ranking best show/movie, best Rider, and best music.

Notable highlights: Den-O basically wins with best show, best Rider and top 5 for music. Build is ranked #5 in show but before that the most recent show is OOO.

Best show/movie only showed the top 25 so Wizard/Saber/Ghost are not ranked. Hibiki just barely squeaked in at #24.

The top 10 of best Rider are all titular Riders EXCEPT for #10, KR Grease. Eternal is incredibly popular for a movie Rider, coming in at #17. Genm actually beat Ex-Aid in popularity, #19 to #29. Despite the actor's super popularity right now, Drive is only #30. Saber hits #58, Ghost #69, Wizard #14.

Music is actually a bit surprising, Excite hits #1 followed by Be the One at #2, and Anything Goes at #3. Top ten are all main themes except P.A.R.T.Y ~Universe Festival~ from the Zi-O movie, Time Judged All (banger) and Elements.

Overall I agree with most of the rankings here so I'm rather hopeful that Toei sees this and makes some decisions accordingly as how to approach Rider from hereon. (Not hiring the Ghost/Saber writer again would be a big step forward)

Komi Can't Communicate 07 released

With brief guest appearance by Kinoshita Ayane!

Penultimate episode! Anyone check out the anime?

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Ayakashi Toumetsuden Kougaiga Batch released

Includes a v2 for episode 4 which fixes the full opening lyrics, the full opening, and the promo.

Forum / Wiki

v2 out for Komi Can't Communicate 01 (For real this time)

This is funny. So apparently I uploaded the torrents for the v2 files. Then promptly deleted them, thinking they were the originals.

But it should be fixed now!


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